Bright Futures: The Bradfield Bursary Campaign

The College sits at the heart of an educational charity and we are determined to help children from all backgrounds to enjoy a Bradfield education.

We encourage our young people to work with and learn from each other, and to develop their abilities to communicate with others. We want talented pupils from less advantaged backgrounds to thrive in an environment that would not otherwise be open to them.

We are committed to securing the necessary funds to allow us to increase both the number and the breadth of awards we can make to pupils in financial and social need.

We are looking for youngsters who will flourish and develop individually, but also those whose presence in the College will have a positive impact on the experience of others. We want to continue to advance all round excellence while ensuring diversity and dynamism.

We also want to be sure that middle-income families can continue to send their children to Bradfield. We will continue to fund means-tested bursaries for talented children who have won scholarships and exhibitions but who require additional levels of financial support to allow them to come here. We will also continue to support a hardship fund for current parents who fall into financial difficulties.