The Co-Curricular Programme at Bradfield College aims to provide pupils with pursuits and activities that interest, stimulate and ultimately complement their academic experience.

Bradfield is committed to the belief that cultural, social and recreational co-curricular activities are an essential element of a well-rounded education and contribute to preparing all pupils for life after College which support the emotional intelligence needed for success in adult life.

“Pupils reach excellent levels of achievement in the College’s extensive range of co-curricular activities. The broad and balanced curriculum is highly successful in providing a breadth and depth of experience beyond the classroom that inspires pupils to identify and develop their own interests”

Time is given each day for co-curricular activities. In the first year, Faulkner’s (Year 9) pupils are encouraged to try out new activities as well as develop existing interests, while the Bradfield Diploma encourages all pupils in the Shell (Year 10) and Fifth form (Year 11) to develop their interests through a self-directed programme of participation.

Co-curricular options

A Co-Curricular Fayre is held at the start of the Michaelmas Term giving pupils the opportunity to explore the whole co-curricular spectrum from Sport, Music and Drama to the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as a host of other clubs and societies. There really is something for everyone.

All Faulkner’s are enrolled into the CCF but can opt out in the Summer Term of the Shell year. Those who do opt out are encouraged to pursue voluntary work as part of the Voluntary Service Programme, which also ties in with the Bradfield Diploma.

All of the co-curricular options that are open to our pupils are detailed in our co-curricular handbook.