What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by this website as well as by almost every other website that you visit as you browse the Internet. All cookies can be classified as either temporary or persistent. Temporary cookies are discarded as soon as you close your browser whereas persistent cookies are kept stored on your computer for longer.

Persistent cookies can be used in ways which have caused privacy concerns. Persistent cookies are retained on your PC (or other device) even when you have left the website which created them. This means that other sites can read these cookies and can attempt to track and interpret your browsing behaviour.

Many sites use persistent cookies to remember your preferences across sessions. Used in this way, persistent cookies can help to provide you with a positive browsing experience tailored to your own requirements.

Commonly though, persistent cookies are also used to track user browsing behaviour as they move between websites. This can be for traffic analysis purposes or, more controversially, for providing targeted advertising.

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What cookies do we use?

The Bradfield College website uses only session cookies. These are temporary cookies which allow us to distinguish one concurrent user of our site from another. Without these session cookies we would be unable to provide you with many of the standard features that you take for granted.

Session cookies also allow us to provide secure services to those users with a Bradfield username and password.

Session cookies contain no personal information, are not used to track behaviour in any way and are discarded as soon as you close your browser. You cannot opt out of session cookies.

The Bradfield College website makes no use of permanent cookies.