Antigone 2014

What a privilege it was to watch the performances of Antigone in the magical setting of the Greek Theatre this summer.  The cast of 24 pupils, including two Russians and one Chinese, did an amazing job of learning the Ancient Greek phonetically, as only one of them studies the language.  Harry Gaff, who played Creon, had as many lines to learn in Ancient Greek as he would have done if he was playing Hamlet!

 Over 3000 people came to watch the performances during the run, and the weather was perfect, except for a downpour on the last night, which failed to dampen the spirits of either cast or audience.  The response from everyone who saw the play was hugely complimentary and here are a few extracts from the critics:

“An outstanding performance - very well done to everyone. The tradition is back up and running - fabulous.  I'm delighted that the Bradfield Greek play has returned.” David Evans (Former Head of Classics and Language Coach for Alcestis 1988, Bacchae 1991 and Trojan Women 1994)

 "Impressive choreography...beautifully staged."

"...strong individual performances."

"Set in the beautifully restored Greek theatre and an incredible achievement to continue the tradition and perform in Greek, particularly since only one of the actors actually had studied the language."

"The music composed for this production added a powerful dimension to Julia Crossley's impeccable direction."

"The cast delivered a captivating performance that even without the surtitles conveyed the story with passion and commitment."

"The performance was outstanding and none of the children were fazed at all by it all being in Greek and were riveted to the end of the play." – Lambrook Prep School

"All 48 of the Caldicott boys had a brilliant afternoon and were so impressed with the theatre and the actors! It was a really superb production and the effort that had gone into it was clear to see. Thank you for a wonderful trip!"

"The Greek Play was superb." - Cheam School

"It was a truly wonderful experience. Hugely impressive. I first attended the Greek play at Bradfield when I was studying A-Level Greek in the 80s and have been back over the years to see several Greek productions: it was excellent to see a wonderful tradition being maintained to such high standards. I will certainly be back in 3 years’ time."

"The Guard was nicely humorous.  He seemed to reflect my own view; that life is too short to be dull, even when conversing with someone who has the power to chop off your head!  The Messenger was superb.  If you are giving a performance, you might as well perform.  And he certainly did perform!"

"The principals all performed admirably."

"Overall, it was a thoroughly good and enjoyable production."


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