Faulkner’s - boarding house for the Year 9 entry

Faulkner’s is what makes Bradfield College unique compared to many other schools. At most independent schools, pupils go straight into a particular house and stay there for the full five years.

At Bradfield, all first year pupils (Year 9 girls and boys) spend their first year in Faulkner's before moving onto their senior boarding house for their remaining four years at the College.

"Faulkner's nurtures an atmosphere of energy, enthusiasm and care"
Faulkner's parent

We recognise that the change from prep school to senior school is a big one for any child and should not be underestimated. By providing a home-from-home environment, Faulkner’s makes this change as smooth as possible and allows us to provide the highest quality of pastoral care.

There are currently around 160 pupils living in Faulkner's. The Faulkner’s house motto is ‘Work hard. Get involved. Be kind.’

Faulkner's staff

The Housemaster and Housemistress of Faulkner’s are primarily responsible for the running of the boarding house but are supported by a large team including four matrons, a designated Faulkner’s nurse from the medical centre, counsellors, seven residential staff as well as a team of prefects from the upper years in the school.

In addition, there are 20 Faulkner’s tutors who are responsible for monitoring the pastoral, academic and co-curricular progress of the pupils.

Faulkner's Facilities

The facilities within Faulkner’s are excellent. All bedrooms are en-suite, and pupils enjoy easy access to comfortable common rooms, two surgeries, and Brewers (communal kitchens).

A central foyer provides a welcoming space for girls and boys to meet and mix, while they also benefit from their own common rooms. Fully equipped games and TV rooms allow pupils to unwind during breaks and at the end of the day.

Faulkner's Dining Hall

Faulkner’s also have their very own purpose-built dining hall with food cooked on the premises. Menus are chosen very carefully by the caterers and all food allergies are catered for. Many Faulkner’s claim that the food in Faulkner’s Dining Hall is better than the food served in the College’s Main Dining Hall!


Within Faulkner’s there are four ‘Socials’ of about 30 or 40 pupils. The Social a pupil belongs to depends on which senior boarding house they will go into in the Shell (Year 10).

Socials meet every day with their Head of Social. The focus of these meetings is to monitor academic progress and give out important information to the pupils. Socials also provide time to practice and rehearse for inter-Social competitions that take place throughout the year.

Faulkner's Contact Details
Address: Faulkner’s, Bradfield College, Bradfield, Berkshire, RG7 6BF
Tel: 0118 964 4700
Matron Tel: 0118 964 4703
Email: faulkners@bradfieldcollege.org.uk