Bradfield College’s purpose is to provide an outstanding education for life, equipping the young people in its care to flourish personally and professionally after they leave school.

An Education for Life

Our aims

To achieve this, the College aims for its pupils to enjoy school and fulfil their potential within and beyond the classroom, developing the following attributes:


The confidence that inspires us to identify and develop our interests and talents.


The inclusive open-mindedness that values diversity and encourages service to others.


The resilience that comes from challenging and taking responsibility for ourselves.


The sense of inquiry that underpins academic achievement and lifelong learning.


The powers of communication that enable us to play an active part in society.


The potential for innovation in a changing world through creativity and entrepreneurship.

Our values

We expect all members of the College community to work together and to display integrity, empathy and enthusiasm.

All of our decisions are made by asking ourselves: ‘what is in the best interest of our pupils?’

Strategic objectives

Across the following areas, by September 2021 the College will have:


  • Firmly established its reputation as one of the very top co-educational boarding and day schools in the country
  • Enhanced its personalised and differentiated approach to all round education, offering excellent added value in all spheres
  • Developed outstanding provision of advice and preparation for life beyond school in its widest sense
  • Increased its provision of means-tested financial support to enrich the diversity and potential of the pupil body
  • Built a network of partnerships offering enhanced opportunities for collaboration, service, and work experience beyond Bradfield
  • Developed innovative use of IT in teaching and learning, communications and administration


  • An enhanced culture of academic ambition, with inspirational teaching and high expectations for all pupils
  • Reviewed and developed its flexible and innovative curriculum rooted in a love of learning
  • Achieved public exam results which demonstrate strong ‘Value Added’ at all levels
  • An even stronger record of successful applications to the most competitive universities & courses in the UK and overseas
  • Established effective programmes for online-learning and opportunities to collaborate in academic projects beyond Bradfield


  • Built on our reputation for excellence in pastoral care which ensures that our pupils are happy and safe at school
  • Enriched the coeducational experience of pupils, ensuring this permeates all areas of school activity
  • Developed tutorial provision to deliver outstanding support to all pupils in partnership with parents and HsMs
  • Established stronger partnership with parents through enhanced communication about pupil welfare and progress
  • Sector-leading medical, counselling and wellbeing services integrated within the overarching pastoral care of pupils


  • A culture and practice where all members of the College community are actively involved in an appropriate and balanced range of activity
  • An outstanding reputation for the performing arts, with increased participation and performance opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for outreach, encouraging service, engagement with the wider community and charitable giving
  • Developed our outstanding sports provision, ensuring equal standards for boys and girls
  • Established joint ventures with a wide range of partners across the co-curricular spectrum

Admissions & Marketing

  • Maintained levels of over-subscription generating a diverse pupil body
  • Confirmed and asserted our existing academic entry requirements, whilst selecting on character, attitude and potential for happiness
  • A market-leading reputation for the admissions experience with feeder schools, prospective pupils and parents
  • An even higher proportion of families choosing us for all their children
  • Outstanding and distinctive marketing through all media, closely reflecting our ethos and strategic aims


  • An efficient and dynamic staffing model with very high levels of staff morale and job satisfaction and a sense of common purpose
  • Widespread understanding of responsibilities and accountabilities, strong internal communication and broad engagement in strategic planning
  • An established programme committed to the enhancement of the wellbeing of all staff
  • A strong culture of professional review and development
  • Extensive training programmes and an established range of opportunities to outsource staff expertise


  • Enhanced engagement through the Bradfield Society for the benefit of Old Bradfieldians, Parents, Staff and Friends
  • Excellent communication with all members of the Bradfield Society through a wide range of media
  • Grown the bursary endowment to enhance our capacity to support broader needs-blind admission
  • Established broad-based annual giving to help fund smaller discrete projects
  • Improved the ratio of parents and alumni actively involved in fund-raising ventures


  • Maintained and developed a campus with infrastructure and services that can respond to the ongoing needs of a College numbering 800 pupils
  • Established a clear and deliverable framework for further campus development to support delivery of the College’s strategic aims
  • Achieved the consistent delivery of an underlying surplus in excess of 5% Charity Commission guidance
  • Enhanced value for money through increased efficiency in purchasing and procurement across the College’s operations
  • Evaluated opportunities and established strategies for the generation of new revenue streams to address the challenge of affordability


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