Bradfield’s curriculum in the Lower School is designed to give pupils a wide experience of subjects and develop the skills necessary for success in future years.

Faulkner’s (Year 9) curriculum

The Faulkner’s (Year 9) curriculum is extremely broad and introduces our pupils to a wide range of subjects. All pupils study English, Mathematics, the Sciences, two Modern Languages (from French, German and Spanish), Art, Design and Technology, Physical Education, ICT, Wellbeing (our PSHE course), and the Performing Arts. Classical Languages are optional.

The Humanities are taught through a course called Divisions, which looks at topics holistically (instead of studying Geography, History etc. separately), and examines the links between these subject areas. The course focuses on developing research, analysis, evaluation, essay writing and presentational skills, preparing our pupils for the demands of GCSEs and well beyond.

Divisions Guide


GCSE (Years 10 & 11)

At GCSE most pupils take between eight and ten subjects. All pupils follow a core curriculum, which includes Mathematics, Science, English Literature, English Language, and a Modern Language. Physical Education and Wellbeing are non-examined courses.

Pupils take either the three separate sciences or Combined Science. Those opting for the three separate sciences can make a further three choices, while those taking the Combined Science course can make a further four.

Additional GCSE options

On top of the core curriculum, there are a wide range of options that our pupils can pursue at GCSE:

AestheticsLanguages*Humanities & others


Computer Science

MusicLatinPhysical Education
PhotographySpanishReligious Studies

*A pupil may only study a language if they have taken this option in their first year at Bradfield, or if they have studied the subject to a similar standard at a previous school.

GCSE Subject Choices

We make every effort to accommodate the first choice of every pupil but, occasionally, it is not possible to timetable a particular combination of subjects and in this situation, an alternative will need to be chosen.

More detailed information about the various subject options on offer can be found in our GCSE course guide.

GCSE grades required for Sixth Form

Automatic entry into our Sixth Form will require Grade 6 in a minimum of six subjects and, in practice, many A Level/IB subjects will require at least a Grade 7 or higher.