Our young writers celebrated the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day in October by creating poetry around the theme ‘Truth’. Pupils were encouraged to submit Truth poems: poems that tell the truth about something that matters, or deliver a home truth. Here are the winners of the senior and junior competitions.


We all want the truth, don’t we?
Where we’re going next
Where we’re going to end up
Why we’re here
Why there are people
Why there are stars

We want to know
But we forget
That we really don’t.

If we know
I mean
Let’s say we knew
Why the world spun
How the earth below us formed itself
What God was there, or wasn’t

Let’s say we knew.

We would wake up
Do a job
Do work
Breathe in
Explained air
Breathe out
We would walk on
Understood earth
Trip onto
The reasoned grass

Where would be hope?
Where would be the fire?
The passion?
The desire?

Beliefs are what separate us
But they’re what make us the same

Not knowing is what keeps us grounded
On the inexplicable ground

Lara (K) – Junior Competition Winner




It lay beneath their sallow skin,
Festering like a deadly disease,
Eating them from the inside out,
Picking apart their fragile mind.

It grew in their hollow chest,
Would press on their aching lungs,
Make it difficult to draw in a breath,
Crawl up their throat and sink back again.

It slowly began to rot and decay,
No one could stand too close as
It tainted the once sweet smelling air,
And infected everything around it.

It fell from their cracked lips one day,
A monstrous thing with soulless eyes,
Hideously ugly and disgustingly shameful,
Revelling in the odd looks and judgement.

They weren’t able to care though,
As this creature lay in front of them,
Alive for the entire world to see,
Because they could finally breathe.

Though the air tasted too sweet
And slid down their throat like glass,
The shards tearing at tender flesh
Causing blood to trickle from their lips.

The creature watched them eagerly,
Fascinated at the destruction they caused,
Completely and utterly unapologetic,
Because they were finally free.

Molly (I) – Senior Competition Winner

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