The following cookies or trackers are used by this website. The only one which processes personal data is ‘AddThis’ which uses your IP address and information associated with it.

Google Tag Manager

Sharing and use of data

• Aggregate data (usage statistics) provided to Bradfield College: number of visitors, pages visited, time on page, links clicked etc.

Data collected

• No personal data is collected – your IP address is anonymised
• URL of the current page
• Google Click IDs to be read by other Google products
• Information from the browser, such as the user’s language preference, the browser name, and the device and operating system being used to access the site
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Crazy Egg

Sharing and use of data

This tracker provides website Visitor Information to Bradfield College in the form of aggregated reports and/or statistics that identify the collective behavior of Visitors to the Bradfield College website. Bradfield College also have access to Recorded Interactions through the Service.

Crazy Egg never sells or shares any visitor information from the Bradfield College website with individuals or companies other than Bradfield College.

Data collected

  • Browser Information
  • Operating System Information
  • Mobile Device Information (e.g., device identifier, mobile operating system, etc.)
  • Your IP address (stored in anonymized form)
  • Page Accessed
  • Geographic Location
  • Time of visit (by day, week, and duration)
  • Whether the visitor is a new or return visitor
  • Other such Information as may be delivered or shared by the applicable browser or access software or device.
  • Referring URL
  • Mouse scrolls and clicks and keystrokes
  • Pages viewed or visited including the duration of such visits
  • Images of the Client Site that are recorded during the visitors interactions with the website, such as, by way of example, images of forms displayed or populated by the user on the website, or other multimedia content that may be posted by the user.
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Sharing and use of data

AddThis is a platform provided by the Oracle Corporation and allows you to share webpages, blogs, news, photos and other content with your social networks. Data is collected from you and may be transferred to other jurisdiction under the protection of EU Model Clauses.

Data collected

  • Your IP address and information derived from it, such as geographic location
  • unique IDs such as a cookie ID on your browser
  • information about the user’s device, such as browser, device type, operating system, the presence or use of “apps”, screen resolution, or the preferred language;
  • the date and time the user visited the website or used the AddThis Toolbar
  • the referring URL and the web search used to locate and navigate to a the website
  • keywords entered into the AddThis Toolbar search functionality, and whether and when you downloaded, installed, or uninstalled the AddThis Toolbar

Oracle may use the data:

  • to enable AddThis Tools and AddThis Toolbar functionality;
  • to enable AddThis Publishers and Oracle Marketing & Data Cloud customers and partners to market products and services;
  • to provide personalized recommendations and messages;
  • to link browsers and apps across devices;
  • to sync unique identifiers;
  • to analyze, develop, and improve the AddThis Tools, AddThis Toolbar, and Oracle products and services;
  • to manage the security of their sites, networks, and systems;
  • to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to operate their business
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Data collected

  • no personal data is used by this cookie
  • data such as font usage is collected for the purposes of billing and compliance

Sharing of data

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