Bradfield is committed to the principle of offering a broad education of lasting value. Over their school careers children grow into young adults, ready to embark upon the journey of the rest of their lives.

It is essential therefore that we enable our pupils to develop the habits, the attributes and the character to approach that journey with confidence, as well as with qualifications of which they can be proud.

Thoroughly unpretentious yet with lots to boast about, Bradfield is a heavenly place to learn and to grow. Very difficult to imagine who would not thrive here. There’s something for everyone and lots for all.

The Good Schools Guide

Our pupils and our staff recognise that everything they do at the College is part of this all-round education. From the boarding house to the games field, from the debating chamber to the chemistry lab, and from the Greek theatre to the assault course, our pupils grow in confidence and resilience.

Through living in a diverse and vibrant community and through outreach activity beyond it they become more open-minded and develop their communication skills. Through wholehearted curricular and co-curricular engagement Bradfieldians learn the importance of enjoying learning, of physical and mental wellbeing and of creativity, whilst developing their powers of inquiry and innovation.

Bradfield is committed to the principle of offering a broad education of lasting value.

The different elements of this education for life are the focus of reflection and feedback through our tutorial system alongside consideration of pupils’ academic progress. In this way, the development of these attributes becomes an explicit goal for our pupils and an intentional part of a Bradfield education, not just a by-product of pupils’ time at the College.

All this takes place in a stunning setting where young people can enjoy being themselves and where their individuality is cherished, for whilst there is one Bradfield, there are many Bradfieldians.

Crucially, Bradfield is a happy and unpretentious community, a talking school where kindness and generosity of spirit are learned first and foremost from the example of other young people.

Bradfield is a learning community where the values of enthusiasm, empathy and integrity are lived by all its members and underpin everything we do. When they leave Bradfield, we hope our pupils do so in the knowledge that they have enjoyed a remarkable privilege and that they have the potential and the responsibility to be a force for good in the wider world.