October 2, 2016

This year the Fifth Form have been studying ‘Natural Forms’ in photography; a project based around the photography of naturally occurring objects. Natural forms are excellent for photographing as they often portray a sense of serenity and an effective photograph can almost transport you to that place.

In order to support our project, the photography department organised a trip to the famous Kew Gardens. This gave us the opportunity to photograph exotic and interesting plants and wildlife. I particularly liked the Princess of Wales Conservatory as it displayed a wide array of different plants, all of which were brightly coloured and exotic. In addition to this, there were many breeds of wildlife within the Gardens, which meant I was able to use them as the subject of many photographs.

Overall, I found the trip very useful and enjoyable. It has given me an idea of what I would like to do for my final piece as I am interested in the textures and patterns of plants and flowers. This made the trip highly successful as my aim was to take a variety of diverse photographs and have a better idea of what I want to specialise in.


Emma (K)