GCSE results 2019

August 22, 2019

We are delighted to report another very strong set of GCSE results.

Almost all of the papers sat were for the more rigorous reformed courses with numerical grades. As such, we are pleased to see over 15% of entries being awarded Grade 9s. 35% of entries scored Grades 9 or 8 and 60% were awarded Grades 9 – 7 (or A*/A). Against the national backdrop, this group of pupils should be justly proud of their achievements.

A number of individuals have returned some outstanding results. Abbie Deller achieved 9999999998 whilst Ellie Stopps and Rosie Bedford returned 9999999997 and 9999999988A* respectively. Special mention must also go to Keziah Carlier, Dilly Copeland, Kit Hobart and Henry Thornton who all achieved seven Grade 9s.

We are delighted for this group of Bradfieldians. It is great to see their hard work bear fruit, particularly at the highest level given that they also contribute so strongly across the wider curriculum. As ever, they have been superbly supported by our team of committed teachers and tutors. We have no doubt pupils will relish the opportunities our Sixth Form has to offer.

Neil Burch, Deputy Head (Academic)

Co-educational Independent School of the Year

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