In the press: Our unique Admissions process and sports offering highlighted in Telegraph articles

March 27, 2020

My son would cheerfully pay to go and do his Bradfield one again. He had to crack Crystal Maze-style codes, break into safes, find treasure and get someone out of a locked room. He had the time of his life.

Confidence, open-mindedness, resilience, inquiry, communication and innovation are the cornerstones of our Education for Life ethos and we believe it is key that these are recognised early on in our admissions process. It is difficult to assess these traits in prospective pupils during a conventional Admissions process which is why we have added a new dimension to ours with a series of immersive problem-solving activities.

We are thrilled that this new element of our Admissions process has been highlighted in a recent Telegraph article covering the world of 11+ school assessments. The article also features comments on the introduction of this offering from our Headmaster, Dr Christopher Stevens, including the one below.

It has surpassed our hopes because of the way children lose themselves in the tasks. It perhaps shows an Oscar-winning interviewee in a more natural environment, but it’s also a chance to throw up a green flag for a child who hasn’t had such a good day at the office the day they sat the ISEB.

Dr Christopher Stevens, Headmaster

You can read the full Telegraph article via the following links.

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You can also read more about our Crystal Maze-style Admissions assessments here.



Sport absolutely complements academic study. Nothing accelerates problem-solving ability like sport. It helps you to analyse problems, to resolve issues.

Luke Webb, Director of Football 

At Bradfield, we are trying to create well-rounded individuals and are firm believers that experiences and skills learnt on the sports field can be beneficial within the academic, pastoral and other co-curricular settings of College life.

Our Director of Football, Luke Webb, featured in a separate Telegraph article which explores the relationship between elite sport and private schools and how the close proximity of academia and sport has significant benefits.

You can read the full Telegraph article via the following links.

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