IBDP Results 2020 update

July 19, 2020

Following the release of results on 5 July, the IB Organisation (IBO) listened carefully to the concerns of pupils and their families and to the evidence presented by schools worldwide. Flaws in the grading mechanism were highlighted and as a consequence the IBO made appropriate adjustments, generating scores far more in line with the ability of a strong, committed cohort.

Pupils’ achievements see the vast majority secure places at top universities both in the UK and abroad, and aggregate to average 36 (out of 45) points. Over a quarter of the cohort scored 39 points and above and 89% of pupils scored between 5 and 7 points in all of their subjects. These are impressive feats, earned amidst the uncertainty caused by the cancellation of examinations in May. Special mention goes to Holly Hutchins having been awarded a hugely impressive but well-deserved 44 points, and to Charlotte Lemstra with an excellent 43 points total. Jack Connell, Christina Cuming, Ben Evans, Rosa McBain, Cecilia Vaughan and Amelie Ziehme all scored 40 points or over.

We are delighted to report that 82% of the cohort have had their places confirmed at either their first or second choice university where pupils will read degrees such as Biochemistry, Psychology, History, Law, Geography and Business Management.

Our leavers this year are headed far and wide. The most popular UK universities include Edinburgh (5), St Andrew’s, Imperial, Durham (2), Bristol (2), KCL (2), Nottingham, Newcastle, York and, ever popular among Bradfield pupils, Exeter (7). 70% of the cohort will attend Russell Group universities and 90% will be at Sutton Trust ‘Top 30’ universities. Overseas, pupils head to McGill in Canada and the University of California, Los Angeles.

It has been a difficult and anxious journey for many of this year’s pupils. We congratulate them all and wish them the best of luck as they explore the world beyond Bradfield.

Kirstie Parker, Director of IB