It all starts by planting the seed of an idea

October 16, 2020



18 months ago, then Sixth Form pupil Charlie Ward (I 14-19) put forward an idea to increase the sustainability of the College’s natural surroundings while also providing an opportunity for the Sixth Form leavers each year to leave a legacy.

After handing the project over to Charlotte Lemstra (K 15-20), who was part of a Junior Common Room which was a driving force behind a pupil-led strategy with sustainability at its heart, and a short delay due to the pandemic, the Leavers’ Wood project finally came to fruition as the first 11 trees were planted at the end of September.

I am so thrilled that the tree scheme I started when I was at Bradfield has finally come to pass. We all need to start taking a proactive approach to helping the environment, one step at a time.

charlie Ward (I 14-19)

The College is committed to increasing biodiversity and caring for the natural environment in which we are privileged to be located. This commitment is one of a number of strands which form a wider-arching Environmental Strategy aiming to embed sustainability through cultural change and awareness.

It all starts by planting the seed of an idea.