IB Diploma Results 2022

July 7, 2022

We are delighted to announce an excellent set of IB Diploma results for the class of 2022. This is a group of exceptional young people, who began their IB journey after months of lockdown, having missed out on GCSE examinations. After a term of significant COVID disruptions and restrictions, they were then pushed into another period of home schooling, before finally returning to College for a (thankfully) more normal Upper Sixth experience. Their resilience and good humour were remarkable throughout those challenging periods. 

Fast forward to May 2022 and this group found themselves in a fully examined session, the first Bradfield pupils to sit public examinations since 2019. The IB had wisely created adaptations to some examination papers, but the challenge remained significant, and this group rose to it wonderfully. Despite international pressure to bring grade distributions closer to pre-pandemic norms, we are thrilled to note the highest ever examined scores for the College, with a mean of 37.4 and a median of 39 points. 40% of candidates achieved 40 points or above (worth more UCAS points than three A*s at A level). Three candidates achieved the maximum score of 45 points, with two of those achieving our first ever ‘clean sweeps’, 45 points with AA in the core, a score normally reserved to under 1% of IB candidates worldwide.  

However, the Diploma has never been about raw scores. It is far richer than that. All these pupils have embraced the values of the programme and have built themselves a truly excellent education across subject disciplines. Naturally, this is recognised by universities seeking open-minded, 21st century problem solvers and the diversity of destinations is testament to that. Our two Oxbridge candidates sailed comfortably over their conditional offer terms to read Geography and Experimental Psychology. Pupils are off to study Medicine, Law, Sports Management, PPE, Biochemistry, Dentistry, International Business, English, Philosophy, Music, Media and Public Relations. Destinations include the most competitive of traditional British universities, alongside superb US and European institutions, and emerging centres of excellence in new and growing industries. We are proud of every single IB graduate and of that diversity which has enriched and strengthened the IB Diploma experience for all. 

Colin Irvine,
Director of IB