St Andrew’s Study Centre opens to Pupils

April 17, 2024

Two years after the construction project began and ten years since the idea was conceived, the Headmaster was delighted to declare the St Andrew’s Study Centre open. The occasion was marked with a ribbon-cutting attended by figures pivotal to the successful delivery of the project; architects, building contractors and our early key supporters.


I knew that St Andrew’s was going to be an impressive space, but the reality is even more special than I had envisaged. Where the old building was dis-jointed, this fresh interpretation has a pleasing unity and flow and will be a great study space.

CHris Bake (F 77-82)



It is a landmark moment for the College, it is a big statement to deliver a project of this complexity that will benefit the College for the long term.

tom beardmore-gray, warden


In his welcoming address the Headmaster praised the team, led by Julia Bond, Capital Programme Manager, who have worked so hard to deliver this project on time and under budget. He also thanked all those involved for the part they have played in this transformative initiative.


It has been a unique project to work on and it is wonderful to see the pupils using the space, to see how respectful they are of the space and the opportunity that it offers them.

Julia bond, capital programme manager



The Headmaster quoted Winston Churchill by saying ‘we shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us’, encouraging the Sixth-Form pupils to make the most St Andrew’s, before inviting them into their new study space.


It is easy to focus here, being so light and quiet and there are so many different spaces and places to work. We are going to be in here a lot!

Penny (M) and Jazzy (I)