Bradfield is a place that many people hold dear for many and varied reasons. You came to school here and made life-long friendships, your children come to school here, you teach here or taught here, you live nearby and visit on a regular basis. As such we see you as a Bradfieldian and the College really values its connection with you.

Bradfield is an inclusive environment and the range of ways that you can engage with the Bradfield Society are a reflection of this inclusivity.

Our ideal would be for all Bradfieldians to be actively involved in our community in one way or another, allowing us to make the most of the opportunities presented by gathering such diverse and talented people together.

Why should you be involved? Put simply, communities are about people.

By being involved you can enjoy and benefit from being in the company of other exciting and dynamic people, as well as making a difference within our community.

So, what can we do for you, what can you do for us and what can we do for each other?


We aim to enable you to tap into the benefits of being part of our community. We love nothing more than to host you at one of our events, providing opportunities to catch up with old friends and hopefully make new ones.


Meet with Friends – Choose from a busy programme of events including concerts, plays, reunions, alumni club activities, sports and speaker events, as well as regional, international and virtual gatherings for your enjoyment.

We like to keep you up to date with all that is going on across the Bradfield community. Published three times a year this magazine delivers news, features and interviews focussing on all aspects of the College’s education as well as including inspiring stories from Bradfieldians all over the world. You can also see more from the day-to-day happenings at the College by following us on one of our social media platforms.


Make useful connections – Tap into the Bradfieldian network, representing professionals at all levels and across all sectors. Great opportunities to share experiences, advice and knowledge as well as promote your business.

We host networking events, facilitate industry group engagement and have created a business directory so that you can connect with fellow professionals on a business level as well as socially. Additionally, for those of you who have an interest in history, we have a wealth of information stored in our archive which we are happy to share or add to. In short, we are here for you, so please use us!


Journey into our history – Your memories are part of our history, so take time to browse the Bradfield archive materials and share your recollections with us. A range of Bradfield merchandise is also available from our online shop.


You are a talented group. We value your knowledge, wisdom, experience and expertise and we would love you  to share your thoughts with us as speakers, careers mentors and advisors or members of our committees.


Inspire others – Inspire our community by sharing your knowledge and experience. Talk to pupils as part of our Minerva Lecture Programme or reach the wider Bradfield community at a Society Speaker Event.


Impart your knowledge – Help Bradfield to be the best it can be. If there are areas of the College where you think that you could make a difference, let us know and join one of our advisory committees.

You can help to inspire us as a community and as individuals. Your advice can keep us on the right track as an organisation, better equipped to deal with whatever the future brings our way. We would value your input.


Share your thoughts – Be an advocate for Bradfield and encourage others to become part of our diverse and vibrant community.


Share your experiences – Support our Horizons team as they help current pupils and recent leavers prepare for the workplace. Provide career insights at a Meet the Professionals evening or build their key skills with interview practice and CV writing workshops.


We are keen to make Bradfield the best it can be for current and future generations. Our request is that those who feel they benefited from their time at Bradfield and would like to give back, or those who are as passionate about educational philanthropy as we are, can play their part in securing the brightest probable future for Bradfield.

Bright Futures, one of our principal campaigns, supports bursary provision. Bursaries are very much part of our DNA and can be traced back to the original College statutes. We still hold firm to these principles and believe that diversity is fundamental to the education that we offer. The current focus of our Campus Development campaign is  the conversion of St Andrew’s Church into an inspirational learning centre. Both worthy endeavours, one or both of which might appeal to you.


Make a gift – The College enjoys its current strength thanks to the generosity of previous generations of Bradfieldians. Help secure the future for Bradfield and Bradfieldians by supporting our bursary or campus development campaigns.


We encourage you to register for ‘The Bradfield Society’ online, where you have access to all these different ways to be involved. Not only this but you can also get in contact with other Bradfieldians who are registered on the system, which makes it a convenient way to stay in touch. If you have any questions about this, or just to get back in touch, please do make contact.

We are here for you and we would love you to Be Involved.