Another key aspect of the Politics trip was the opportunity to connect with our alumni who live and work in New York. Al MacEwen, concurrently fulfilling both roles as Politics teacher and Director of the Bradfield Society and Development, co-hosted a City Drinks event in New York on Thursday 8 February 2024.

The event took place at ‘The Cornell Club’ on 6 East 44th Street, courtesy of Bradfieldian Robin Elliott (B 54-59) who made all the local arrangements and helped host the evening. We thank Robin for his generosity in supporting this event.

The event had a fabulous attendance with over 30 guests signed up and enjoying each other’s company in lovely surroundings during the evening. A similar drinks night was hosted in summer 2023 by Bradfieldian Charlie Martin (H 06-09) and it was great to see the numbers building for this networking group. It was also fantastic to have so m any former girls attending this time including Sarah Bakker (nee Middleton M 05-10), Lauren Bedsole (K 99-01), Lavinia Loria (K 16-21) who is a recent leaver studying in New York, Fiona Gibson (J 95-97), Cecelia Speiph (nee Holmberg J 99-01), Clare Sant (J 90-92), Letitia MacDonald (J 06-08) and Amelie van Halem (J 12-14).

There were representatives from all the boys’ houses at the drinks reception as well, except A House! These included Tim Berryman (G 99-04), Ben Burne (F 85-90), Lloyd Hall (E 04-05), Thomas Nasr (E 12-17) and Henry Pinnell (C 96-01) to name but a few.

Image by wirestock on Freepik

We hope that this New York gathering will become a regular event now that we have a large group of Bradfieldians reconnected in the area. Charlie said afterwards “I thought it was a major success with a real range of former students & some wonderful conversations!” We hope that everyone will be available for the next date which he will be co-ordinating.

Here’s to the next US Alumni event next year and next Bradfield Politics USA trip in 2026! If you live in New York and would like to be included in the 2026 event do email and they will notify you of the date of the next event.