Campus-XR transforms a pupil’s classroom experience by combining the most immersive interface of modern times Virtual Reality (VR), with the almost unlimited potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Most of us learn best when seeing and doing so the immersive simulated experience offered by VR is perfect for the long-term assimilation of knowledge and skills. VR converts 2D learning materials into 3D objects that are tangible and responsive so diagrams in a book become models that the user can interact with, spin around, and dissect. Campus-XR incorporates “6 degrees of freedom”, which means each learning environment can be fully traversed and explored, just like real life.



Teachers can choose from a suite of different learning environments to engage their pupils with subject material, including: ‘The Time Machine’ which allows pupils to virtually step into historical events and interact with figures from the past; ‘Gallery’ where they can see works of art; ‘Science Lab’ where they can undertake experiments difficult to achieve in real life and ‘Amphitheatre’ to rehearse a play even if it’s pouring with rain in Greeker. Visit Media – Campus-XR to see videos.


The system is adaptive, meaning it can be simplified or made more complex to challenge each learner like 1:1 coaching. The pace of progress can also be determined by the user. The engaging learning scenarios also incorporate a reward point system, encouraging repetitive engagement so students are motivated to re-engage and improve on their last score. Outside the classroom, Campus-XR is also a great tool for revision. AI tutors can take learners through whatever topics are required and conduct quizzes so revision becomes more varied and enduring.


Campus-XR is currently in use at Bradfield at VR Club and in classroom trials. Other schools are also working with Bradfield on an ‘early-adopter’ basis helping us to test and refine the content and interface. It is an exciting area of development for the College.

If you are interested to learn more about Campus-XR, including investment opportunities, visit the dedicated Campus-XR website, and for more information contact Kester Russell, Bradfield College’s Commercial Director