The hallowed Rectory 1 pitch was the venue for this year’s College vs OBFC (Old Bradfieldian Football Club) match on Saturday 9 March 2024. As always, the match proved to be a great example of the lively yet friendly competition that exists between the two teams. Teo Teniete (G 13-14) prepared this match report;

The OBFC, led by Dan Hodgkinson (H 10-15) and Tom Martin (H 06-11), knew that they were up against the current ISFA champions and had little time for nostalgia before the game got off to a flying start.

The OBFC started strongly and went 1-0 up with a goal by James Higgins (G 13-18) following an intense high press and turnover taking the College by surprise. The lead didn’t last long though as the College replied with two excellent finishes into the bottom corners to make it 2-1.

Just before half-time a race between two of Bradfield’s greatest athletes, Jack Hodgkinson (H 13-18) and the College’s Ted (F), saw the OBFC striker brought down in the box.

Penalty given, and a lifeline for the OBFC. Nick Watts (C 10-15), with his Toney-like two-step run-up, did what he does best and coolly stroked the ball into the back of the net. An exhilarating first half ended 2-2 and gave the old boys a much-needed rest.

The second half saw the school start to assert some dominance as the OBFC’s lack of fitness became apparent. A long ball over the top to the College’s striker was just what the OBs had been warned about, and the College went 3-2 up following a clinical finish into the bottom corner. The rest of the half saw chances fall to both teams, but just as they have done so many times this season, the College showed their class, fight, and commitment to winning and saw the game out at 3-2.

It was a hugely enjoyable game amd both sides can be proud of their performance and the future certainly looks bright for the OBFCs with such a pipeline of talent coming through. The College may have taken home the three points, but inevitably, the day’s real winner was Bradfield football.

The game highlighted the camaraderie of the Bradfieldian footballing community, with the OBs borrowing a goalkeeper and a staff player from the College to make up their team. For Freddie Bloem (D 10-15) it was his first time at Bradfield for many years having worked abroad and now living and playing football back in the UK. Other players in the squad were: Sam Stringer (C 12-17), Charlie Bullman (C 10-15), Kieran Robinson (C 10-15) and Teo Teniente (G 13-14).

Dan Hodgkinson (H 10-15)


The Old Bradfieldian Football Club was founded in 1875, only 25 years after the school was founded, and as such is the oldest of the Bradfieldian Clubs which plays in the Arthurian League, including the prestigious Arthur Dunn Cup knock-out competition as well as the Powerplay League.

The Club has grown significantly over the past six years, particularly since securing promotion to Division 1 of the Arthurian League in 2018 where it has remained for the past six years and has a dedicated squad of 20-25 players aged between 22 and 37.

One of the key factors contributing to the club’s current success is the coaching expertise of Luke Webb (G 00-01 and former SCR), who previously coached a large portion of the squad. His coaching has instilled a cohesive playing style in the club, making it easier for players to understand each other on the pitch. The current season has shown great promise for the Old Bradfieldian Football Club, with the team currently positioned in third place, signalling their strong contention for the title. This represents our most successful campaign yet in terms of challenging for the championship.

Looking ahead, we have ambitious goals for the future, aiming to clinch the League title in the upcoming season. With our strong foundation of talented players, the club is poised to continue its upward trajectory and establish itself as a dominant force in the League.

If you are interested in learning more about the OBFC take a look at their dedicated club page where you can request to join online or by contacting the Club Secretary, Harry Martin. We hope to see you at a training session soon!