Kirsty Taphouse sadly passed away on Wednesday 9 June 2021, aged 49, leaving her mother Diana, partner Ryan, children Mia and Max and granddaughter Zoe.

Kirsty joined the College in April 2017 and was a wonderful and valued member of the Domestic team and of the Stone House community. Her presence in the boarding house lit up the place on a daily basis and the staff who work in the House, and the boys who are members of it, could always depend on Kirsty to provide a cheery good morning, a wonderfully infectious laugh and a very positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude when cleaning up after teenage boys is not always easy. They are, by nature, an untidy and not always sweet-smelling group and picking up their dirty clothes and cleaning up their rooms, their showers and other areas of the House is not for the faint-hearted. Despite those rather unappealing conditions Kirsty was always so happy, so positive and so chatty. She genuinely cared about the boys she looked after and often cheered them up if they were feeling down or calmed them down if they were a little over-excited.

Kirsty was always busy in the House trying to get all her work done, frequently only leaving herself about thirty seconds to catch the minibus from the boarding house, putting on her coat while running down the road. She loved her job at the College.

She loved to sing along to the tunes on her radio as she cleaned and she was nothing but an enhancer, a radiator of positivity and a bright and glowing part of the community.

She enjoyed the team dynamic enormously in Stone House and her loss will be felt deeply by all that knew her. It was the Greek Philosopher Theophrastus who said “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”. Those in Stone House and the wider Bradfield Community who were lucky enough to spend time with Kirsty will cherish the gift of that time that was spent with her.

We will miss her enormously.