Music remained an important part of pupils’ remote learning timetables throughout the Lent Term thanks to the hard work and forward thinking of our Music Department and the support of the Visiting Music Teachers.

Continuing to adapt and push the boundaries in order to teach with excellence, their commitment meant our musicians were able to enjoy both weekly individual lessons and ensemble classes.

Albeit in a different guise, Ensemble lessons provided a multitude of opportunities to virtually bring pupils together regularly and no two groups ran in the same manner. Sessions were utilised to prepare for events, discuss experiences amongst themselves and with a number of Bradfield alumni, talk about music more widely or simply to do a quiz and have some fun!

One of the remote term’s most inspiring moments came in the form of an outreach project. Our Upper Sixth Chapel Choir, looking beyond the Bradfield bubble, created a recorded Lockdown Singing Assembly featuring thirty minutes of songs and music for Primary School children and their families, to learn and enjoy.

Following the success of a number of livestreamed and pre-recorded performances during the first lockdown, our pupils were keen to bring back regular shows including a new series Living Room Live mini concerts. Pupils worked hard to devise, rehearse, present and perform a programme of solo pieces and, not only that, were responsible for recording the performance at home! Bravo and thank you to Adam (D), Alma (I), Tom (G), Molly (M), Tallulah (K), Savannah (M), Jamie (G), Katie (M), Kit (F) and Jess (K) who challenged themselves and produced some wonderful and uplifting performances which are still available to enjoy online.

Five pupil bands, So What, Starburst, Red Leicester, Evie & Purdey Band and the Katie Grace Band, performed in the inaugural Battle of the Bands livestream. It is no mean feat to play with the precision and quality necessary to be able to edit performances together so huge congratulations to Archie (A), Herbie (F), Arion (G), Tom (G), Lottie (I), Toby (F), Luke (H), Jake (E), Harrison (G), Carlo (H), Lily (I), Evie (K), Purdey (I), Theo (H), Bella (I), Annabelle (I), Cameron (C) and Katie (M). Viewers were invited to vote at the end of the final act and the winner was Red Leicester!

It was pleasing to see 94 video auditions being sent in by pupils for The House Singing Competition. Pupils were tasked with videoing themselves without accompaniment and the standard was so high level that Mr Lowe was compelled to ask external adjudicators to make the final decisions. Mr Andrew O’Brien, the Head of Choral Music at Haileybury and Ms Verity Bramson, the Head of Singing at Christ’s Hospital oversaw the Juniors and Seniors respectively.

As with all competitions it is the journey of development and internal satisfaction that matters most, not just the opinion of one person and everyone should be proud of their submissions.