Winter Bradfield Day 2023 once again featured the two iconic cross-country runs of the Huxham V and the Huxham X. For those who have yet to experience the delights of either run, both courses start on the same route that takes the path across past the New Ground pitches before starting a long climb that takes runners up along the tree-lined route of Great House walk, through the woods and over the motorway bridge to a small grouping of houses. At this point the Huxham V loops back on itself and returns down the hill leaving the Huxham X to continue up into the woods of Ashampstead Common for an extended loop that takes the course to 10.6 miles. Fortunately for the Huxham V runners, the considerable amount of rain before the event didn’t have too much of an impact on their largely track-based course but mud-clogged trainers and splattered legs were par for the course.

The run is as competitive as runners wish to make it; some people go out to test themselves, some go out for a steady run and there are always a few dogs taken around for their Sunday exercise. Allcomers are very much welcome. 22 participated this year, including several intrepid parent pupil running pairs namely Phil Murphy and Elliott (A), Matt Everett and Barnaby (LF), Julia Godfrey and Sam (G), Oliver Browett and Rory (A) in addition to pupils, alumni, staff and a couple of dogs.

I enjoyed taking part in the Huxham V for the first time this year, such a beautiful run up through the woods and of course also great to be able to run with my son.

Phil Murphy

As an extra incentive, pupils who participate in the Huxham V are also awarded points towards their Bradfield Diploma. A special mention should also go to current parent Jessica Raphael who said:


Thank you so much for a fabulous Winter Bradfield Day on Sunday. It was my 9th Huxham run, and I enjoyed it more than ever despite the mud and the rain. This year I ran it with my youngest son who will start Bradfield in 2025 and a friend who is an OB, so all in all a very good day. We hugely appreciate all your hard work to keep this day going.


If you are interested in taking part in the Huxham V next year, look out for registration as part of Winter Bradfield Day 2024. Before then there are several other opportunities for pupils and parents to team up at Bradfield Society events, including Give it your Max Tennis in June in addition to as part of a team in the ‘Hockey for Mossy’ Mixed 7-a-side tournament also on Winter Bradfield Day. Visit here for all Bradfield Society forthcoming events.