OB lunches serve to bring Bradfieldians together across generations in a relaxed atmosphere. These regionalised event complement the annual London Lunch lunch held in London and have been a popular addition to the Bradfield Society calendar.

It was wonderful to welcome both new and familiar faces at the Bradfield Society’s fourth regional lunch in Winchester. Brasserie Blanc in the city centre continues to be a popular venue and everyone enjoyed getting together once again. Bruce Williams (H 60-63) and Hugo Norman (B 79-84) returned for the first time both as OBs and former parents, alongside Chris Jenkins (B 63-68), Edward Boydell (F 77-82) and Andrew Quick (H 77-82).

On the suggestion of Tiff Hurren (G 12-17), who attended our Bristol lunch in October, The Society hosted a lunch in Exeter for the first time as it is a popular venue for Old Bradfieldians to study and live. Al MacEwen and Dan Clark travelled to represent the College.

Tiff was not wrong about the area’s popularity and thanks to his help Al and Dan were joined by 22 alumni at Côte Brasserie. In what proved to be a wonderful get together at a fabulous venue, it was lovely to interact with so many Bradfieldians and see how much they are enjoying life in the South West.

In attendance: Tessa Aird (I 13-17), Bella Ayrton (M 12-17), Josie Braithwaite (I 15-17), Annie Calf (I 17-19), George Clark (D 14-19), William Corbett (G 72-75), Cecily Crawford (M 12-17), Lili Devonald (M 16-18), Ben Duke (G 12-17), Grace Holley (M 15-17), Mendoza Houben (I 17-19), Harry Kinnings (G 13-18), Freddie Moore (C 13-18), Will Pickthorn (H 12-17), Skye Salmon (M 12-17), Cassandra Shutter (I 16-18), James Smith (D 12-17), Sam Stringer (C 12-17), Nigel Wilson (H 55-58), Guy Withinshaw (F 14-19) and Augustas Zilinskas (E 12-17).

Organisation of the event has now passed from Tiff Hurren, who has secured a placement with IBM next year, to second year student Skye Salmon, who will endeavour to ensure an even bigger turnout next year.