The Bradfield community is richly varied; a diverse crowd of internationally-minded global citizens, something that has been evident since the founding of the College. Recorded in the very first Register of Boys, two of the first ten pupils to attend Bradfield in the 1850s went overseas for work: Francis Lundy travelled to Canada in 1853 before becoming Special Correspondent of the New York Herald while John Spooner became the Manager of The Colonial Bank in the West Indies. The Bradfield Society and Development Office reached out to a number our international members of our community to find out what they are doing and how their Bradfield education impacted their careers.


Justin Storrs (D 86-89) owns Marsh Bay Resort, a fishing and hunting retreat in Ontario, Canada. He credits boarding, volunteering with the Bradfield Club in Peckham and his experiences in the Combined Cadet Force with helping him to be more outgoing and become the man he is today.

Leon Chaddock (G 92-95) is now based in Salt Lake City, USA where he founded and runs a venture capital start-up company. “Bradfield helped me to network, a skill I learned studying with international pupils during my time at the College.”

Antony Francis (G 64-68) has travelled internationally for his work for many years, but now lives in Dallas, USA. His Bradfield education made him curious and gave him a spirit of adventure. On his first trip to West Africa in 1976, just before the assassination of the Congolese President, Antony found himself held under curfew when the borders closed and a two-week business trip took two months. “My time at Bradfield helped me to take disruption philosophically, with a ‘stuff happens, get used to it’ attitude!”

Lloyd Hall (E 04-05) now lives in New York and reflected that his education “had an everlasting impact on my development, showing me the power of keeping an open mind and a commitment to lifelong learning”, a true Education for Life.

Robin Elliott (B 54-59), also based in New York, helps to co-ordinate the OB US community. “Next to my family, my education at Bradfield has been the single most important force in helping me to define, prepare for, test and enjoy a full and privileged life.” Robin also remembers fondly the words of a College hymn which remain with him to this day “When to the scenes of our boyhood returning, backwards our footsteps shall wander alone. Strong be our joys and long be our yearnings, as we remember the days that are gone.”

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has been home to Geoffrey Langlands (G 49-54) for many years. He credits his academic success to the teaching at Bradfield and fondly remembers the pride and emotion he felt when his final year Housemaster Francis Templer told him that he had been accepted at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Christopher Pool (H 47-52) is now retired and living in Montevideo, Uruguay. He said that he remembers his Bradfield College education to be excellent and provided a good set of rules for life’s journey. “At the end of the day what more can you ask for than Bradfield continuing to offer an Education for Life in the changing world in which we now live.”


A number of Bradfieldians are living in Australia. Daisy Dumas (J 97-99) spent her Sixth Form years at Bradfield and now lives in Sydney working as a journalist. Daisy credits Bradfield, and in particular Palmer House, with helping to give her the most wonderful lifelong friends who she describes as “irreplaceable”.

Mick Brown (C 66-69) is living in Canberra having worked as a Pastor in the Uniting Church in New South Wales for many years and as the Faculty Co-ordinator for Christian Studies at the Bible College in Canberra, before retiring. Bradfield provided him with a cultural education and encouragement to foster his musical skills as well as developing confidence in problem-solving and a passion for ‘bush-walking’ or hiking which continues to this day.

Patrick Brinsley Barnes (A 42-46) is living in retirement in Australia and credits his education in the Humanities and skills he learned as standing him in good stead for a lifetime in managerial roles.

Nigel Postill (H 55-60) emigrated in 1966 and worked at the University of Melbourne. “ Bradfield provided me with an excellent general education and helped me to develop my language skills.”

Nick Charlton (H 92-97) now lives in Perth where he works for Knight Frank as Head of Institutional Sales, selling commercial office investments. “Bradfield provided me with a fantastic education and grounding for adult life in an amazing setting where I always felt safe and secure.”

Several OBs have been in touch from New Zealand. Chris Elworthy (C 59-64) become a sheep and cattle farmer in Canterbury and still owns and flies an aircraft. His biggest regret is not having kept in touch with any of his Bradfield friends when he moved away and would love to hear via the Bradfield Society Office from anyone who still remembers him!

Peter Davis (F 60-65) also lives in New Zealand and has spent his career in the university system. He credits Bradfield with “Giving me the freedom from distractions to work hard and develop academically and the skill to get on with others by living in close quarters which has helped me in professional corporate life.”


Nick Essame (E 70-75) is currently living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is helping start up digital banks to develop and implement payment processes and products. “Bradfield equipped me with the flexibility and adaptability to be able to take any situation in my stride. The breadth and richness of the Bradfield education has stood me in good stead in the rapidly changing and evolving work and social environments today.”


Hugh Evans (D 56-61) is now retired and lives in France. “The College is part of my DNA”, he said as his family association with Bradfield goes back many generations. Hugh worked as a forestry consultant and spent many years abroad working in tropical countries before retiring.

Ella Maguire (M 12-17) is working in film production at Leavesden Studios, having trained as a make-up artist and feels that her Bradfield education went beyond academic subjects. “It taught me social skills, how to be open-minded, to be efficient with my time, to be tolerant, to work hard and to persevere.”

Simon Leathers (C 87-92) works in London as CFO for a software company. “Bradfield gave me an inner confidence, ambition and a balanced temperament that sits at the very core of who I am.”

Hannah Quale (J 08-10) remembers her time at Bradfield as a time when she found her confidence, independence in tackling challenges and developing sound decision-making abilities. After a number of years working in commercial art galleries and in investment in London, Hannah has now moved to Sussex to study to become a winemaker and works at the Bolney Wine Estate. “The freedom and respect I was given at Bradfield helped me to take responsibility and gave me the confidence to change my career path.

Robert Jameson (B 87-92) is now based in Switzerland working at Nestlé. “My education taught me to have endurance and resilience”, both core skills central to our Education for Life.

Pete Jones (F 93-98) now lives in Frankfurt, Germany having worked in the mining sector since the early 2000’s. He is now appreciating the German lessons he had with Frau Acton and appreciates the network and long-term friendships he has enjoyed since his Bradfield days.

Louisa Fox (K 99-01) now runs her own project management and interior design company in West London and feels that Bradfield taught her a lot about herself and gave her a strong self-discipline and work ethic.

Olivia Chambers (I 99-01) is based in London and working for Burberry as Senior Manager for Global Profit Protection and Events.

James Davey (D 06-11) is living and working in Moscow, helping as a tutor to prepare children to attend British Independent Schools. He says that he would not have been able to do this job had he not attended Bradfield and had the experience of independent school life himself.


Daniel Gallimore (A 79-84) has been living in Japan since 2003 and is Professor of English at Kwansei Gakuin University near Osaka. Daniel credits his Bradfield education with enabling him to get into Christ Church College, Oxford to read English. His interest in Shakespeare started at Bradfield spurred by excellent teaching from Crispin Read-Wilson and Andrew Whiffin, with the added opportunity to perform Shakespeare in Greeker. Daniel also commented on the Christian and Humanist ethos of Bradfield, how regular attendance at Chapel and joining the Choir gave him self-discipline and an appreciation of the breadth of religious education available now that he lives in Japan.

Several OBs who made contact live in Hong Kong. Derek Leung (F 87-91) works for Standard Chartered Bank and said that the discipline he learned had been the most helpful skill in his working life beyond Bradfield.

Will Raeburn-Ward (H 95-00) leads Credit Suisse’s Recruitment for Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Marc Poetzsch (B 01-02) now lives and works in Shanghai, China as a Strategic Project Manager with BASF. “Bradfield brought me international experience, an excellent education and improved my German which helped me go to a top German university and gave me close friends and a valuable network.”

Willem Sweerts de Landas (C 83-87) works for Siemens in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a lawyer on the Riyadh Metro Project and is the only OB we heard from in the Middle East.