As always Winter Bradfield Day proved to be an enjoyable one of sport and reunion.

Many Old Bradfieldians, parents and friends of the College raced alongside pupils with a total of 73 runners completing the Huxham X (10 mile) race. Nearly half the field completed the course in the 90/100 minute target time to be awarded the coveted Huxham Tie or Pin. An additional 30 runners competed in the Huxham V (5 mile) race. The weather on the day was excellent which made up for the rain which had made the course wet and boggy in places.

The winner of the Huxham X race was OB Simon Cox (G 96- 01) who completed the course in 71 minutes and 19 seconds. Afterwards Simon did admit that he had been a Royal Marine since university and well drilled to run 10 miles at a pace. Behind him was Mike Rippon (SCR), a regular high finisher in the annual race, who crossed the line in 73 minutes and 05 seconds.

There was a family friendly feel in the hockey at the All Weather Pitches which made for a positive atmosphere despite the cold. It was also wonderful to see many of the younger OBs as well as current pupils compete. The College staff team came through to win a closely fought 7-a-side mixed tournament having won five of their six games. The runners up were last year’s winner James Moss-Gibbons (F 90-95) and his team. OB teams were led by Scott Wall (D 09-14), the George family including John (A 54- 59) and Gavin (A 77-82) as well as parent and pupil teams led by Jane Carwardine and Al MacEwen.

After a tense finish the spoils were shared in the annual Rifle Shooting match between the OBs and the College for the Tremlett Trophy. With the OBs leading, it all came down to the final College firer, Max, who needed 95 to win but, after coming agonisingly close, his score of 94 tied the match and ensured the College continued their unbeaten streak. The OB team was led by Richard Vary (E 86-91) who also ran ten miles a ter shooting. Other OBs included Nick Tremlett (A 72-76), Ted Malleson (E 86-91), Paul Wakefield (D 69-74), Julian Hartwell (H 69-73), Elliot Sewell (C 12-17), Peter Reader (B 72-78) and Rupert Brietmeyer (E 82-87).

Well done to Nick and Keisha who were top scorers for each team and to OB Lucy Mace (nee Summers I 91-93) who shoots now with and against her son Rory. Ed Mearns (H 04-09) and former member of the SCR Nigel Suffield-Jones came to support the OB team.