Monaco. For four days every year hundreds of exhibitors, brokerage companies, superyacht builders, designers and luxury brand representatives flock to the sun-drenched principality for Europe’s biggest in-water display of superyachts.

This writer can only dream of being among the attendees so instead I am settling for a chat with one of the lucky few whose job it is to actually be there.

“Obviously I go to see the boats but it’s mainly about seeing colleagues that I regularly communicate with, putting faces to names and reminding people that I’m still around,” explains Yacht Broker and Old Bradfieldian Angus Cook (H 04-09). “It’s my job to find the right yacht for the right people and to get the charter price as low as possible so those relationships are important in helping to get a better deal for my clients.”


Having swapped being aboard the decks of £95million “hotels on the ocean”, as he puts it, for the office in not so sunny London where he is a contractor, Angus sets about explaining his unconventional journey from Bradfield to chartering and broking. Sales is not something you would study in any detail academically but versatility and willingness to try different things are very much Bradfieldian traits.

“My parents said the best thing that happened to me was Bradfield especially in terms of character building and nurturing my confidence. It was certainly where I developed my passion for drama and entertaining people.”

For Angus it began with a dream to become an actor. Drama had won him over as he prepared to arrive at Bradfield, both the facilities and the teaching. While he didn’t get to perform in the Greek Theatre which had attracted him to the College that didn’t stop him from developing a passion for character roles, performing in The Odyssey, Antigone and Much Ado About Nothing to name just a few productions.

“I enjoyed playing the little roles where I could entertain the audience and then sit back and enjoy what my peers were doing. I’ve always loved making people laugh and I hyped those Bradfield productions up to make sure they had an audience. Perhaps that was the beginnings of what I do now where it’s all about pleasing people and trying to make sure they have the best possible time.”

He credits the teachers, not just in Drama but other subjects including English and Film, for giving him the confidence to achieve higher than expected grades and successfully apply to study Drama at Exeter, one of the leading universities in the country for the subject at the time.

After graduating Angus headed to the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts where he spent just over a year before hiring an agent to begin forging an acting career. He appeared in commercials, toured Italy with a theatre company – “not a bad gig for a 22 year old” – and worked as an extra on several big movies including as an X-Wing mechanic in Star Wars and as a Police officer in Holmes and Watson.


It’s a difficult industry to crack and the reality of working as an actor is the amount of non-acting work you have to do to keep up a steady stream of income. For Angus that meant pub work, tutoring Maths and English and doing a bit of film editing but on reflection he admits he wasn’t relentless enough to make it.

“If I had applied the skills that I have now to my acting career straight out the gate from Drama School I might have gone further. I would certainly be networking like mad, prospecting directors and producers the way I do with clients now.”

As it happens it was one of these non-acting jobs that provided an introduction to the world of sales and eventually landed Angus the role which he now enjoys. Freddie’s Flowers, the bouquet subscription service, was in its infancy but the flexibility of hours, generous commission rates and the opportunity to pitch to prospective customers, much like the way an actor would audition for parts, was enticing.

“I was looking at the commission I was earning and suddenly I stopped caring about acting. I was thinking I’ve got to be a salesperson. I didn’t know I was capable of this but I figured if I could sell a school play in Big School to my peers then I can sell flowers to a stranger.”

Fast forward two years and Angus, miles from home and coming to the end of a particularly arduous and unsuccessful day of sales in the rain, found himself knocking on one final door. As any good salesperson does he got talking and, upon finding out he was in the home of a yacht broker, the conversation turned to boats, something Angus knew plenty about being the son of a ship broker.

“He wondered why I hadn’t gone down the same path. If I’m being honest it didn’t interest me and I found ships boring. He laughed and told me luxury superyachts are the exact opposite; that what he was selling was the fun, cool, sexy boats which go for astronomical fees. I thought to myself if I’m going to continue as a salesperson, why not sell the most expensive thing possible and try and make a decent career out of it.”




It is an industry in which Angus has spent the last five years, beginning with learning the ropes via that gentleman’s company, one hell of a monthly commute to the offices in Monaco by the sounds of it, to TJB Super Yachts where Angus is now a contractor.

So far it’s taken him to some of the most exotic locations on the planet: Antigua; Palma; Barcelona; Cannes; Croatia and the Bahamas to name but a few and with clients all over the world what’s not to love about it?

“For me that is the most wonderful part; I love being up at night talking to people on the other side the world. I’m completely spoilt with this job.”

Whether it is building confidence by reading aloud in Shakespeare Society meetings, entertaining the audience at the school talent show or doing impressions of Headmasters as he once did while giving a speech at the opening of Big School, his Bradfield experiences contributed to moulding the salesperson Angus now is.

“When you’re selling something really you are telling a story. Clients have to love you and feel like they know you. If you can’t convince someone that you’re the best at what you do then they’re not going to buy anything from you. I get those points across using performance, that’s my job and I couldn’t have got here without everything I learned at Bradfield.”

To find out more follow Angus on Instagram @yachtingwithangus