Charitable Partnerships

Theale Green School

Since September 2013, the College has taken on the role of Sponsor of Theale Green School, a local secondary school less than two miles from Bradfield, following its conversion to a Sponsored Academy.

Bradfield’s investment is not financial but comes through offering effective governance and takes the form of support, scrutiny and challenge in delivering the School Improvement Plan and making this improvement sustainable and long lasting.

The partnership also offers a wide-range of mutually beneficial activities between the two schools at both pupil and teacher level.

Over quite some time, Bradfield has done a significant amount to provide means-tested bursaries for parents unable to afford full fees. The College is totally committed to further extending our reach as an educational charity, and the sponsorship of Theale Green forms part of that commitment.

Bradfield Club in Peckham

Sponsored by Old Bradfieldians and The Bradfield College Home Mission, the Bradfield Club was founded in 1912 to support young people in the deprived area of north Peckham.

Today the area still faces social and economic challenges and the Club welcomes around 150 youngsters a week, offering a safe environment in which to play, learn, eat, and find individual support.

The Club has a dedicated team of 10 employed staff and 23 volunteers whose goal is ‘To make a real difference to our members’ lives.’ Open five nights a week, the Club offers a wide range of hobbies and activities and offers a fully equipped fitness gym with free personal training.