The Music Department’s aim is to cater for a wide variety of musical tastes and aspirations.

Individual lessons are given for singing and on standard orchestral and keyboard instruments, percussion (pitched and kit), electric guitar and bass. Instrumentalists are encouraged to join the College bands, orchestras, rock and/or jazz groups.

All musicians are catered for in the ensembles directed by individual music teachers. Satisfaction is gained through playing in groups and also by individual practice, which is monitored by the Music School staff, who also aim to be available in the afternoon sessions to accompany and to help with pupils’ difficulties.

Co-Curricular handbook

Associated Board and Trinity Guildhall exams may be taken in most instruments including performance in the jazz idiom. The College encourages applications for other local music competitions and is particularly keen for more advanced pupils to audition for the Reading and Berkshire Youth Orchestras.

Choral activity is an important part of the College’s music. On entry to the College, all new pupils are voice tested. For those selected there are chances to sing in a variety of settings and with a large musical repertoire. Pupils are also encouraged to audition for the Berkshire and National Youth Choirs where appropriate.

We regularly host visits from distinguished musicians who give both master classes and concerts to our pupils. Parents are invited to join in these visits and are sent details of the College’s musical programme before the start of each term.