Bradfield College is proud to be an All-Steinway School, demonstrating our commitment to musical excellence.

Music at Bradfield aims to play an invaluable role in the development of each and every pupil, enriching the lives of all who come to the College. We encourage and enthuse those of all abilities, with enjoyment and excellence at the heart of our provision.


Our creative and contemporary Year 9 academic music programme lays the foundations for a culture of music that goes far beyond ‘just’ playing an instrument or singing. It enables students to learn skills for life and develop their sense of self, preparing them for any future employment. Each lesson, exam and performance that Bradfield’s musicians take part in allows them to demonstrate commitment, analytical skill, creativity, discipline, confidence, team-work, and so much more.

Music also possesses qualities that should place it at the forefront of all pupil’s wellbeing, both personal and social, aiding their quest to better understand themselves and the world around them.

With a staff of active musicians at the heart of the department we provide a music education of excellence. The environment created allows pupils to enjoy expressing themselves with confidence and enables our excellent Visiting Music Teachers to inspire them with their passions and expertise.

We offer a hierarchy of performance opportunities, in as wide a range of genres, as pupils would like to be involved in, and take care of every facet from first lessons through to building websites and networking events for those wanting to enter the world of professional music.

Please do take the time to explore the music section, watch and listen to the pupils, read the fascinating blog jointly written by our Director of Music and Head of Academic Music and start to discover the world of Bradfield Music.

If you have any questions or thoughts, we would love to hear from you:

Our Musicians

Tom - Mixing Drinks: an original composition. This track has been released on Spotify, along with some of his other songs, and has nearly 500,000 hits.

Hamish - Hiding in the Hyphen: an original composition, written by mixing grooves from around the world.

The joy of singing at Bradfield: represented by the Gospel Choir preparing Wynter's Promise by Kirk Franklin for the Michaelmas Concert.


Scholars' Showcase Concert: an annual event held in the Jacqueline du Pre Hall in Oxford. This concert featured collaborations between Music Scholars, alumni, current staff members and the Director of Music performing a varied programme of music.

Faulkner's Carousel: an introduction to music-making at Bradfield for new Year 9 pupils in their first week, including a Drumming and Gospel Workshop and an introduction to the iMac Suite