Music at Bradfield aims to play an invaluable role in the development of each and every pupil, enriching the lives of all who come to the College. We encourage and enthuse those of all abilities, with enjoyment and excellence at the heart of our provision.

Participation in Music goes far beyond ‘just’ playing an instrument or singing. It enables pupils to learn skills for life and develop their sense of self, preparing them for any future employment. Each lesson, exam and performance that Bradfield’s musicians take part in allows them to demonstrate commitment, analytical skill, creativity, discipline, confidence, team-work, and so much more.

Music also possesses qualities that should place it at the forefront of all pupil’s wellbeing, both personal and social, aiding their quest to better understand themselves and the world around them.

Pupils are encouraged to be proactive in starting their own projects and bands; our staff are always available to give the advice and support they might need in doing so.

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