The Duke of Edinburgh is the world’s leading youth achievement award and has inspired millions of young people to challenge their boundaries and contribute to their communities, since its inception in 1956. At Bradfield we offer pupils the chance to attempt the award at both Bronze and Gold level.

All pupils take part in the Faulkner’s walking expeditions at the end of Year 9 and there is an opportunity to enrol on the Bronze DofE Award at the start of Year 10. This is aimed at pupils who wish to deepen their existing commitments under the Bradfield Diploma Programme and to achieve an internationally recognised standard in the four components of: volunteering, physical, skills and expedition.

The College organises a two-day assessment expedition in the local area for pupils, but the other three components are the responsibility of the pupils to achieve and log on their eDofE system. Interested pupils should aim to complete their Bronze award by the start of Year 11.

In the Sixth Form, pupils have the opportunity to go for Gold. This is the highest level of the award scheme and helps pupils develop a range of interpersonal skills that will stand them in excellent stead for life beyond Bradfield. The components are the same as for Bronze, but require a full 18-month commitment, plus an additional residential component that forces pupils to broaden their horizons in an unfamiliar setting. Pupils do not need to complete Bronze in order to attempt Gold.

However, it is the expedition that many of our Gold award participants remember for years after leaving Bradfield. A four-day journey across remote country helps to bring out the very best in our young people – resilience, team work, decision making – not to mention a remarkable physical challenge across some spectacular landscapes. Gold participants must complete a three-day practice expedition and a four-day qualifying expedition.

Our pupils show off their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards at Buckingham Palace
Our Faulkner's on their annual expedition to the Brecon Beacons

Both of these are organised by the College during school holidays, but participants who are unavailable for the College dates can still complete their expedition through an external provider.

Dates for all expeditions are published at the start of the academic year. Participants who complete all five sections of their Gold Award are invited to Buckingham Palace, where they are presented with their certificate by a member of the Royal Family.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme offers young people international recognition for some of the remarkable things that they can achieve, both within the College, and in their local community.

It is a superb qualification, focussed on personal development, and those who complete carry the award with great pride into their future lives and careers.

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You can also find out more about the DofE at Bradfield in our co-curricular handbook:

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