A group of pupils are embarking on a journey of discovery, failure and reward, working together as they take on a sustainable racing challenge. GreenPower Club has been running once a week throughout the year with the team of pupils from across all year groups tasked with designing and manufacturing an electric racing car to compete in an endurance race against other schools. Think Formula-E but with a bit more character!

Headed by Upper Sixth Design pupil Lottie (K) and Shell Design Scholar Jayme (H), the team of engineers, designers, physicists and marketeers are aiming to compete in the 2022/23 season. They spent the Michaelmas term disassembling, removing rust and reassembling an old skeleton of a car from years gone by in a cupboard.

Now with wiring almost complete and the motor just about working, the team are figuring out how to create aerodynamic bodywork and the extent to which the battle between physics and pragmaticism will dictate their final design.

Once the final design is complete, testing and fine-tuning will begin. The team will have to ensure that they have an intricate understanding of the car’s inner and outer workings so that trackside modifications and fixes can be made. Knowledge of how to fix punctures quickly, change batteries and adapt the car to suit weather conditions will be key to their success on race day.

A marketing campaign will also be embarked on by some of the pupils to raise the profile of the club, attract sponsors and to ensure that it attracts suitable talent from next year’s Shell cohort.

It has been an exhilarating adventure so far and all involved are excited by the skills and opportunities that GreenPower Club is helping them to develop.