Our pupils were fortunate to join an excellent discussion from a panel of recent leavers. With every OB telling their unique story so well pupils were able to engage with enthusiasm as they think about their own future pathways.

It was a pleasure to welcome representatives from a wide variety of industries and experiences. Beth Higginson (M 10-15) who, after achieving a History degree followed by a Masters in TV Journalism, has spent time working for Disney, Amazon and Universal Studios and now works in film production. Ben Leppard (C 11-16) joined Schroders straight from Bradfield and is now a senior member of their Technology Change team. Amy Parker (I 13-15) is the Technical Administrator for English National Ballet and is currently undertaking a part time MBA with the University of London. Jake Coventry (E 14-16) graduated last year from the University of Bristol with a BEng in Aerospace Engineering and has just started a graduate scheme as a Data Analytics Consultant within Risk Advisory at Deloitte. Greg Rishton (F 11-16) successfully completed a sponsored degree in Business with the University of Winchester and continues to work at CGI as a Project Manager. Will Stevens (G 12-17) had lined up the opportunity to study for a degree in Physics and Astronomy at two top universities but decided to go straight into the world of work, taking an internship at a start-up called ValStream. Over the last four years he has worked his way into several promotions and currently runs a department as Head of Technical Services. Jess Banfield (M 09-14) returned to the panel again this year. She is currently working in banking with Lloyd’s on their finance graduate scheme, studying towards her ACA and working in commercial banking. The final panel member was Chris Bailey (C 10-15); as an undergraduate student Chris worked as a runner and camera assistant and after graduating from the University of Westminster he enjoyed a number of opportunities before joining Sony Pictures Entertainment as VFX Assistant Co-Ordinator.  He has just moved to MARV Studios as VFX Co-Ordinator.

The panellists encouraged current pupils to learn from failures and that it is OK to change direction as many OBs had done. They advocated being open to trying new things and taking any and every opportunity that arises.


Sixth Form pupils joined 25 working professionals to learn about their jobs and gain an insight into which career path had led each of them to their roles today.

Big School was buzzing with conversation as our Horizons Department was able to offer the event live once more. Pupils conversed with lawyers, engineers, scientists, events managers and surveyors to name but a few.

Over recent years the emphasis of the event has shifted slightly to help the pupils see the importance of networking and how practising this skill early on will help them in the future. As always we witnessed the willingness of our visiting professionals to help our pupils with advice and occasional offers of work experience. It is a useful event for the young people in our care as once they leave school finding the time and the right opportunity to network becomes much more of a challenge.


Over 40 professionals were on hand to provide our Upper Sixth pupils with a taste of what job interviews for them could be like as they prepare for life after Bradfield. Taking over Bloods Corridor for the evening, the Horizons Department gratefully as always, received support from parents, OBs and external contacts they have built up over the years.

Each professional interviewed three or four during the evening having had the chance to comb through our pupils’ CVs beforehand. There seemed to be a heightened sense of nervousness amongst the pupils going into the interviews, perhaps the lack of opportunities for live interaction over the past year played a part in that. What was great to see was the usual enthusiasm once the interview was over, the relief of chalking one up to experience and feeling confident to face the real thing when it comes.

All our pupils received feedback both verbal and written and below is a selection of comments from interviewers.


It’s clear why she was elected as a Head of House – she is confident, polite and well-presented. She formed a good impression from the off and was immediately at ease.


He is clearly quite a mercurial personality and made an immediate impact. Very confident, highly-engaging and a very likeable young man.


An exceptional candidate who will be a credit to any university and employer. I enjoyed meeting her.


An outstanding candidate. He has clearly already achieved a great deal for someone so young and comes across as mature for his years.


You talked well about yourself. You were natural and relaxed and came across as authentic and confident.


Plainly a hard-working, intelligent, articulate, confident and engaging young man.