Shell pupils enjoyed a look into the world of marketing during the Horizons Department’s Advertising Challenge.

Teams of pupils were presented with a choice of objects from which to pick and were tasked with inventing a creative product based on their chosen item. Once they had come up with their idea pupils would have to create a business plan and an advert to pitch their product.

The year group had an introduction to branding and marketing as well as being challenged to think about costs, market segment, competition and targeting customers. The Horizons team were joined by four parents who acted as both mentors and judges.

The ideas that this year group came up with were quite possibly the best seen in the five years of running this workshop. The innovation on show when pupils were given the freedom of the campus to create their marketing materials was quite something. They conducted themselves impeccably and are certain to have gained a lot from the experience.

The winners took a ‘push stick’, kept things simple, added some functions and chose a sensible price point along with their marketing plan. Unlike in previous years it wasn’t a unanimous decision as the quality was so high.

We also heard from groups selling a hangover drink and an app to personalise and configure the ordering of your next hockey stick. 


The Horizons Department’s own Anna Scott joined a panel of experts from around the world to speak at the UES Education annual conference.

Anna, along with David Hawkins from The University Guys, delivered a talk which explored how to build a programme to support students applying globally that works for a school, combining internal and external support to students and families; and all at a time when the challenges of time, resources and the scope of the work often create difficulties.

The talk, which shared knowledge and advice, was targeted at beginners and intermediates in schools that aspire to develop their programmes. On the back of this talk Anna has had a Zoom meeting to help a member of staff at The King’s School, Worcester with their programme.


Our Faulkner’s pupils joined the Horizons team for an exploration of the future of work, the skills which might be required and potential careers which haven’t yet been created.

Pupils conducted research in groups and presented in a plenary to their peers what they had been able to find out about a role of their choosing including investment bankers, solicitors and teachers.



Fifth and Sixth Form pupils attended an evening with a stellar line-up of speakers from the sporting world including professionals from football, cricket, tennis, rugby and motor racing.

Pupils heard how vital it is to network and build relationships while also being urged to seek out opportunities and grab them when they come along. The panelists recommended that pupils should look at how they define success and remain open-minded when assessing potential opportunities.

Tim Henman, former professional tennis player now coach and broadcaster, offered up some final words of wisdom, telling pupils that ‘practice makes permanent’; do it enough for long enough and it will become a habit.