Contemporary fine art painter Lara Robinson (M 07-12) is preparing for her first solo show, Colours Within Nature.

After leaving Bradfield, Lara went on to study the traditional method of painting in both Florence and Barcelona, graduating from the Barcelona Academy of Art in 2019. It was there that she explored still life, landscape, figurative and portraiture painting. This method of education, providing a foundation of deep knowledge and applied practice of essential principles handed down from the past, has imbued a confidence in her work enabling her to develop her particular mode of expression, combining her own style with her academic training.

Having moved to London in May last year, her practice is now centred on developing other techniques and moving into the contemporary art world. She is particularly interested in researching Impressionism, exploring its principles of concept, composition and colour. “It’s all about playing to get the best result”, she says of her approach. Producing work that is well-considered, taking decisions on representation and finding the most interesting way to reflect her chosen subject matter is key to Lara’s practice.

Previewing the art which will feature in her show the fledgling artist says, “A challenge that many painters face is the ability to carry the image to a point where there is still space for the viewer to define the image in their imagination.

My ambition is for my work to focus on this idea, allowing me to apply my skills and knowledge about painting in a more expressive and conceptual way. Whether it is painting a scene, landscape, still life or portrait, I aim for an approach that attempts to convey a sense of life, vibrancy, and the essence of the subject.”

The solo show will be open between 7 – 12 December at Coningsby Gallery, London, WIT 4RJ. Open 10am – 6pm. Private viewings are also taking place each evening between 6-830pm via an online booking process.

The show is also now open to view online.

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