The assumption that a Head of School is in control, relaxed and is always sure of themselves doesn’t always ring true. Having anxiety, my personality traits contradict these ideas. My thought process is often flawed and in my final year it caused me to suffer from day-to-day pressures, as well as my own personal challenges.

It took time to adapt to a position where I needed to follow every correct example while under a spotlight. The mistake I made was thinking this applied 24/7 and I initially failed to tell people close to me I was struggling. However, I was extremely fortunate to have a Housemaster who was always willing to put things aside to talk and eventually I sought help, talked to others close to me and began to truly enjoy Bradfield again.

When I first started in Faulkner’s I had no familiarity with the ethos of Bradfield, let alone the phrase ‘Education for Life’.

I know now that it is much more than academic subjects, far more than the copious amount of co-curricular opportunities and personal growth and development that’s on offer here.

Faulkner’s proved to be important for me as I also discovered my interest in Music and Drama. I had some musical experience and interest before arriving at Bradfield but this only grew when I arrived and has continued to since, especially in Music which has been one of the most influential parts of my Bradfield experience.

Drama also proved a brilliant outlet socially and for developing confidence, two areas of Bradfield I will miss the most.

Fifth Form represented a huge turning point in my, and many others’, Bradfield experience; it is when I realised that I could not coast through exams or rest on any sort of laurels. I remember opening my results with a truly bittersweet feeling as I was relieved I had done OK but I hadn’t achieved a number of grades that I was predicted to get.


If anyone needed the time of day to talk this was a priority, as there was an understanding that they would do the same for me.


All my frustration that had manifested was put towards adapting and developing independence in Sixth Form. I chose to study Maths, French and History, three genuine interests, and for me it was the first time I showed true forward-thinking.

Every single year at Bradfield was important for tracking growth and development as well as earning increased independence. However, no matter who someone may be or wherever they may be in their life, you only know so much about them and how they think.

This is perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learnt at Bradfield. Never make assumptions about people as none of us really know what’s going on underneath the surface.

Making the most out of Bradfield for me was having real respect for people around me, especially those in my House. If anyone needed the time of day to talk this was a priority, as there was an understanding that they would do the same for me. It has been a pleasure over these last five years. Thank you Bradfield.