After a tumultuous year of course adaptations and ultimate exam cancellation, we are delighted to report on an excellent set of IB Diploma results from our 2021 cohort. 

Once again, Bradfield pupils found themselves on a ‘non examined pathway’ with scores in each subject determined by a combination of coursework (externally marked by IB examiners) and school assessed grades, which were determined after careful analysis of evidence generated by pupils over their two year course. 

Some headline figures: 

  • Average points scored per candidate: 37.7;
  • 43% of candidates scored over 39 points (typically the most stringent university offer made to IB pupils);
  • Over 90% of pupils gained sufficient points for their firm or insurance offer. 

It is impressive that this cohort of pupils has been so successful in bringing their IB Diplomas to a conclusion in such trying circumstances and it should be understood that, since IB exams went ahead in many countries, there was robust resistance to unnecessary grade inflation for non-examined candidates. 

Unsurprisingly the Bradfield IB class of 2021 are embarking on some exciting and challenging ventures in the next stage of their academic careers. One pupil is headed for Somerville College Oxford to read Experimental Psychology while another has been accepted to LSE to read Economics. Durham university has been a popular destination this year, with four of the cohort meeting their conditional offers for a variety of competitive courses. Other pupils are headed to Exeter, Bristol and Edinburgh universities, while some pupils decided to delay applications for a year and will now have their pick of first-class institutions in the UK, Europe and the United States. Others are organising excellent direct entry apprenticeships in the professional workplace.  

As ever, the real triumph of the Diploma goes much further than numbers and every single IB candidate can feel incredibly proud of the global mindedness, resilience, and intellectual energy that has been cultivated through their full and open participation in this first class Sixth Form qualification. 

We wish the IB class of 2021 the very best of luck for all their future endeavours. 

Colin Irvine,
Director of IB


Once again, the College is delighted with the A Level grades awarded to our Upper Sixth leavers, just reward for their individual and collective commitment, resilience and readiness to adapt over the past 16 months. The cancellation of pubic examinations forced pupils to quickly come to terms with the fact that their knowledge and understanding would be assessed differently. Pupils should be immensely proud of their response. They worked incredibly hard for their grades and deserve many congratulations.

As ever, a large group of pupils have achieved at the highest level. Of particular note:

Rosanna A*A*A*A* Durham Mathematics
Alexander A*A*A*A Durham Mathematics
Rosie A*A*A* Edinburgh Geography
Cordelia A*A*A* Edinburgh History of Art
Lily A*A*A* Durham Geography
Holly A*A*A* Birmingham Mathematics
Leo A*A*A* Warwick PPE
Garegin A*A*AAA Bristol Physics & Philosophy
Jan A*A*AA Manchester Computer Science & Mathematics
Freddie A*A*A Durham Geography
Oscar A*A*A Warwick Politics Philosophy & Law
Fionnhuala A*A*A Loughborough Sports Technology
Thomas A*A*A Durham Music
Iyayi A*A*A Birmingham Medicine
Yiang A*A*A Manchester Architecture
Yasmin A*A*A Nottingham Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience
Daniel A*A*A Southampton Film
Ellie A*A*A Leeds Art & Design
Zachary A*A*A Durham Natural Sciences
Ellie A*A*A Bristol Psychology & Neuroscience
Cameron A*A*A UCL English
Alessia A*A*A Manchester Philosophy

All pupils are congratulated for the manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout the pandemic. As much as they clearly helped themselves, demonstrating diligence and fortitude in equal measure, they helped each other – their friends – to dig in and achieve in the most challenging of circumstances. They are a credit to themselves. So too their teachers who supported pupils with great energy, empathy and integrity throughout, working tirelessly on the pupils’ behalf.

Neil Burch
Deputy Head (Academic)


The message for our GCSE cohort is the same as that for our Upper Sixth leavers – ‘very well done!’  ‘Well done for the grades you richly deserve and well done for the way in which you rose to the stiffest of challenges throughout your GCSE courses’. This group of pupils should be immensely proud and deserve many congratulations.

As ever, a large group of pupils have achieved at the highest level. Of particular note are:

Maryam 9999999999999
Oliver 9999999999
Darryl 9999999999
Alexander 99999999998
Olivia 9999999998
Poppy 999999999
Nicolo 999999999
Alexandra 9999999988
Gemma 9999999988
Gabriel 99999999
Piers 999999998

All our pupils deserve great credit for the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout their courses. As well as helping themselves, demonstrating diligence and fortitude in equal measure, they also helped each other – their friends – to dig in and achieve in the most challenging of circumstances. They move into the Sixth Form with hard-earned confidence. Alongside them, Bradfield’s teachers deserve a great deal of credit, supporting pupils with boundless energy and professionalism and helping them fulfil their potential.

Neil Burch
Deputy Head (Academic)


Bradfield pupils’ IB, A Level and GCSE results testify to the ability, resilience and diligence of a group who thoroughly deserve the excellent grades they have achieved. It has been humbling to witness the adaptability of so many young people over the last 18 months and their determination to keep doing their best throughout this disrupted period. The pupils engaged really well with the outstanding education offered online by their teachers during lockdown and loved being back in school when it was possible, ultimately performing really strongly on the assessments upon which their results have been based. We wish them all the very best for the next stage of their journeys within and beyond the College.

Dr Chris Stevens