Michaelmas Goose 2019

November 4, 2019

Earlier this term, our 11 Senior Houses officially welcomed their new members with the annual inter-house Michaelmas Goose Weekend.

‘Goose’ provides an opportunity to nurture a true house spirit by helping pupils moving into their senior houses from Faulkner’s, as well as those who join in the Sixth Form, integrate into their new house.

Although the ever-competitive Tug of War was cancelled by rain for a second consecutive year, the weather cleared in time for pupil favourite House Song in a packed Greek Theatre. Alongside House Song, our pupils also faced off in activities that varied from dodgeball to debating and football to escape room style puzzles.

Congratulations to Armstrong House (J) who claimed the Goose crown including the prized House Song competition title.

House Song – Michaelmas Goose 2019