Pupils celebrate 80th birthday of charitable partner

December 7, 2020


Something that I learned was how to communicate with young children. It can be quite hard at times to get them involved in things they normally wouldn’t do. It has been nice to see them develop and find those things that they really had fun doing.



This year marks the 80th birthday of Berkshire Youth, a local charity who partnered with the College to create The Bradfield Leadership Academy. Now in its fourth year, the Academy provides opportunities for our pupils to undertake leadership training and gain qualifications, provided by Berkshire Youth, before utilising their new skills by volunteering at local primary schools to run sports, arts and musical activities.

While pupils who joined the scheme this year have been unable to volunteer, they have still been training and working towards their qualifications and look forward to working with primary schools in the community as soon as it is possible.

To celebrate the Berkshire charity’s birthday, three pupils who joined the Leadership Academy reflected on the skills they have learned and the experiences they have enjoyed thanks to our partnership with Berkshire Youth.

Watch the video to hear more from them as we wish Berkshire Youth a happy 80th birthday.


Something that was really important was to approach each week with a positive mindset and an open-mindedness. By doing this I was able to gain experiences that I know will be really helpful outside of Bradfield.