At the end of the summer we welcomed back members of the Class of 2011 for a reunion a decade after leaving Bradfield. We were thrilled to welcome back 13 Old Bradfieldians who had coffee in the Warden’s Room where they met some of their Housemasters from their time at the College.

Al MacEwen and Roger Keeley took them on a tour of the campus to see what has changed in the ten years since their departure. A huge thank you to everyone who made the trip down memory lane: Oliver Webby, Ben Taplin, Charlie Brennan, Adam Powers, Tristen Allan, Sam Berry, Rohan Wijeratne, Greg Smith, Dominic Bhamber, Charlie Martin, Richard Tarr and Mark Shtanov. Olly Layton was also at the event as he now works as a Teacher of Classics at Bradfield and former Housemistress Sue Duff also returned to Bradfield for the day.

Any year group who are keen to organise a reunion are most welcome to get in touch and we will help to arrange it for you.