Chapter 2: A Centre of Well-Being
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Chapter 1 An Education for Life
Chapter 2 A Centre of Well-Being
Chapter 3 The Life of the Mind
Chapter 4 A Platform for Excellence
Chapter 5 Making a Difference
Chapter 6 Beyond Bradfield

A centre of well-being


Bradfield is characterised by a relaxed unpretentiousness and has a strong family atmosphere. We work closely with parents to help their children grow in confidence as they become young adults. The pupils’ experiences are moulded by interaction with each other and with the adults who teach them and care for them. Our pupils learn to respect and support one another, joining in common endeavour and celebrating achievements. 

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The values and policies of the College are designed to enable pupils to learn independence and self-governance within an atmosphere of empathy and tolerance. Together these promote the happiness that is fundamental to our ethos.

Bradfield’s pastoral care is rooted in its house system, beginning in Faulkner’s, which offers an ideal transition to senior school. House life and friendships are essential features of school for pupils who learn to live together and to value one another in a close-knit community that quickly becomes a home from home. As well as benefitting from the care of their Housemistress or Housemaster and their Matron, pupils regularly meet individually with their Tutor to discuss progress.

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Great emphasis is placed on mental health, and we pride ourselves on being a ‘talking school’ where people can be comfortable expressing their emotions. Spiritual life is guided by the Chaplain who presides at our services and leads discussions of faith, encompassing those of all religions and none.