Organ restoration plan in place

December 6, 2017

Further to the article in the Bradfieldian May 2017 and a swell of support from those who cherish the Chapel organ, the College has undertaken to pay the balance of the costs to enable the organ refurbishment to take place. The restoration of the organ can proceed!

Restoration work will be carried out by Andrew Cooper & Co, Pipe Organ Builders and is booked in to start in May 2018. The organ however will return to full use at the end of Lent Term 2019, as even once the work is complete, the organ requires time to ‘rest’ into its new shape.

The Restoration will take place in phases, so that whilst the organ will be ‘out of action’, the Chapel will not, so that the College can continue to use the space without hindrance. Without the organ, the back-up plan is to use the Clavinova, so the return of the organ will no doubt be all the more appreciated.

The next stage in preparation for the building work is a site meeting in February when more detailed planning on the phases and preparatory work in the chapel will be booked in, to enable the organ restoration itself to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Will Mason, College Organist, is already very much looking forward to the completion of the project as the planned restoration work and developments to the instrument will significantly enhance the sound. Playing aids will also be added to the console, which will enable to the organist to achieve more colour when accompanying or playing solo repertoire.