Bradfield College welcomes donations of all sizes and types which enable its continuing development and maintenance. The College accepts these donations through the Bradfield Foundation, registered charity no. 900457. 

Donations must be freely given with no expectation of anything in return other than due thanks and recognition. The College is pleased to accept lawful donations which are given in good faith which are compatible with the College’s aims, values and strategic objectives. The College does not accept donations when a condition of acceptance would compromise its autonomy, integrity and reputation. 

This policy outlines the principles by which the Bradfield College Development Office will or will not pursue potential donations, and to establish guidelines governing potentially controversial gifts or donors. Its purpose is to give prospective donors the greatest freedom possible in formulating their gifts, whilst safeguarding the best interests of Bradfield College. 

The Bradfield Foundation is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and follows its Code of Fundraising Practice which can be found here. 

Gift Acceptance 

Bradfield College encourages the solicitation and acceptance of gifts and grants that enable it to fulfil its strategic objectives. Gifts may be sought from individuals, corporations, foundations and trusts. They will be sought only for purposes that have been approved by the College.  

The College is legally obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions of every gift. For this reason, the terms of each gift must be considered with the utmost care to be sure they are feasible, do not unduly hamper the usefulness and desirability of the gift, and are in accordance with the school’s policies. The College is unable to accept gifts which are too restrictive in purpose or inconsistent with the stated academic purpose, priorities and strategic objectives of Bradfield College 

Gifts that may expose Bradfield College to adverse publicity, require expenditure beyond the school’s resources, or involve the College in unexpected responsibilities because of their source, condition, or purposes, will not be accepted.  

Gifts received by Bradfield College must not inhibit it from accepting gifts from other donors. The College also cannot accept gifts which involve unlawful discrimination on any basis. Gifts that may result in current or future financial obligations for the College or that will have an impact on College facilities and grounds will require prior approval of the Governors. 

Potential Gifts which may have a controversial dimension 

The following issues should be considered for all potential gifts and prospective donors which may have a controversial dimension. For gifts over £10,000 we will review these questions with a higher level of scrutiny, and for gifts over £100,000 we will use third parties to undertake this scrutiny on our behalf. 

  1. Would acceptance of the potential gift be inconsistent with theCollege’sstrategic and educational objectives?
  2. Is there published or other credible evidence that the proposedgift will be made from a sourcethat arises from an activity that: 
  • Evaded taxation or involved fraud? 
  • Violated international conventions concerning human rights? 
  • Was illegal in whole or part? 
  • Is inconsistent with the values and reputation of Bradfield College? 
  1. Is there evidence that the proposed gift or any of its terms will: 
  • Require action that is illegal? 
  • Damage the reputation of the College? 
  • Create unacceptable conflicts of interest? 
  • Harm the College’s relationship with its stakeholders (e.g. donors, parents, pupils, staff, and alumni)? 


If the Development Director considers that the answer to any of the above questions might be yes, it is the Development Director’s responsibility, at the earliest possible stage, to alert the Headmaster. 

In consultation with the Warden of the College, the Headmaster will then decide whether or not further discussion should be pursued with the potential benefactor. Gifts are not accepted where the sources are unknown to the Development Office or cannot be verified. 


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Development Office: development@bradfieldcollege.org.uk 

Development Office
Bradfield College
RG7 6AU 

 This policy was last updated on: 11th February 2020