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Al MacEwen

On my role: I am always interested in your thoughts on both engagement and fundraising and I would be very happy to discuss our current and future development plans with you.

On Bradfield: I have lived and worked here for 21 years, as a teacher,Housemaster and Head of Department. I know the College intimately and I want to make sure that you are able to benefit from and enjoy your connection with the College as much as I do.

On me: I love cricket and hockey and now get to spend most of my weekends helping my children follow their sporting passions



Karen Ward

On my role: I coordinate the Bradfield Society events programme and update the website, to ensure that there is something that will appeal to everyone – from social gatherings to sporting events. If you are interested in reconnecting with the College, sharing your memories or organising a reunion, please get in touch!

On Bradfield: I am a former parent and so appreciate the parent and young alumni journey.

On me: I live locally and enjoy being part of the Bradfield community and I am learning to play Golf on the College course.

Kirsty Perkinson

On my role: Bradfield College would be a very different school to what it is today without the philanthropic support from alumni, former and current parents, teachers and friends.  From donations towards transformational projects including currently The St Andrew’s Church and in the past the Sports Centre, Greek Theatre, and our state-of-the-art Science Centre, to funding for our Bright Futures Bursary Campaign; the College history is steeped in Philanthropy. If you are interested in being part of the Philanthropic legacy, I’d love to understand your interests,  help you discover the different opportunities and tailor-make solutions for you to ‘Be Involved’ and support generations of future Bradfieldians.

On Bradfield: My daughter recently started at Bradfield College and it’s amazing to see her grow and flourish as she grasps every opportunity that Bradfield offers – and there are so many of them. I truly believe that Bradfield is special place that helps children grow into adventurous, curious and kind individuals who will go on to give so much back to society in future years.

On me: On the weekends I enjoy trail running with my 2 fox red labradors Jasper and Alfie, singing (badly) and watching my kiwi husband BBQ for friends and family, no matter the weather!

Katie Green-Armytage

On my role: I manage the Bradfield Society’s communications channels, print and digital, including the Bradfield Society online platform, which has such great potential for enabling community interaction. If you are interested in any areas – supporting careers, professional networking, starting or joining a club and build a following, get in touch! An experienced project manager, I also manage the engagement and fundraising campaigns.

On Bradfield: I enjoy the diversity of the work and working with people across the community, all with different takes on what Bradfield means to them.

On me: I love being able to work in such a stunning rural location and being able to take advantage of the brilliant sports facilities for a lunchtime gym or swim session!

Sam Smith

On my role: I work on our database to ensure that we hold the most accurate information, if your details have changed do get in touch! I also manage the gifts made by members of the community in support of fundraising initiatives.

On Bradfield: I am one of many alumni who have chosen to return to the College to work, and have other family members who have both attended Bradfield as pupils and worked here, so I know the College pretty well.

On me: I enjoy history and travelling, and have travelled throughout Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

John Cardwell

On my role: I manage the archive, ensuring that its contents are accessible to those wishing to learn about Bradfield and its history. If you have any questions or would like to donate material to enrich the collections, please do get in touch.

On Bradfield: I am interested in Bradfield’s long and distinguished history, and particularly in the generations of people who have contributed so much to its academic, cultural and sporting life.  I have just joined and hope to apply my experience as an archivist and historian at Cambridge University and the National Maritime Museum to help Bradfield tell its fascinating story.

On me: I am interested in history, the theatre, travel, cycling and hiking.

Steve Wallace

On my role: I have many hats, Editor of the Bradfieldian – capturing stories of Bradfieldians beyond as well as at Bradfield, managing the College’s communications channels, from print to social media as well as helping  to capture images of the amazing array of activities undertaken at Bradfield or by Bradfieldians.

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