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Michelle Baldwin

I am your initial point of contact in the Office and I can help with anything and everything that the Office does from event information, to helping you make a donation. I also help collate the Bradfield Society website, so always happy to hear your latest news. I coordinate the ‘Friends of Bradfield’ group and sit on the Bradfield Society Advisory Board as well as managing communications with the Foundation Chairman and Trustees. You will also see me manning the reception at our Bradfield Society events, I look forward to speaking with you or welcoming you at an event soon.

Katie Green-Armytage

I manage the fundraising associated activities that benefit the College, from communications, through to managing the community-wide appeals for our principle campaigns . I take the lead on Legacy giving and the 1850 Society, manage the ‘Bradfield for Life’ website and brief at Bradfield Foundation meetings. Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about Bright Futures, St Andrew’s, or indeed leaving a Legacy.

Alastair MacEwen

I head up the Bradfield Society and Development Office as well as being a member of the teaching staff, currently teaching politics, having been Head of Co-Curricular and Housemaster of G House. I sit in both Bradfield Foundation and Bradfield Society and Advisory Group meetings. I am always interested in your thoughts on both engagement and fundraising and I would be very happy to discuss our current and future development plans with you.

Karen Ward

I plan and deliver all the Bradfield Society events. I manage the Bradfield Society website and send out regular forthcoming event emails. If you are keen to reconnect with the College, I am happy to help! Ask for me if you need any information on the forthcoming Bradfield Society events programme or would like to set up a reunion. I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Sam Smith

I work on our database to ensure that we hold the most accurate information, in particular with regards to contact details and communications preferences, allowing us to engage with those who wish to be engaged with! Ask for me if you would like to update your details. I also work on the Bradfield Society events receptions with Michelle and I hope to see you at an event soon.

Stephen Wallace

I am the Editor of the Bradfieldian and also manage all the College’s communications channels, from print to social media. I spend a lot of time capturing pictures of the amazing array of activities undertaken at Bradfield or by Bradfieldians. My time is split between the College and the Bradfield Society and Development Office, which keeps me nice and busy! Ask for me if you have any news that you wish to share or have comments on the Bradfieldian, or any other publication.

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