In the Summer Term of the 2014/15 academic year, Bradfield was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

It made for extremely positive reading with then Headmaster, Simon Henderson (2011 to 2015), commenting:

“I am delighted that the inspectors have recognised the quality of the educational experience at Bradfield and that they have given the College such a strong endorsement, supporting the overwhelmingly positive responses from pupils and parents to the ISI pre-inspection questionnaire. While it is gratifying to hear such rich praise for the all-round achievements of our pupils and for the support and skill of their teachers, what matters just as much, if not more, are the effusive comments about the development of our pupils as people and about the quality of the human relationships that make up our school.

As is always the case, the inspectors have identified some areas for us to focus on for the future – and this is as it should be. Bradfield is proud of the fact that it is a reflective and self-aware school and we are always looking to improve. The good news is that the recommendations made are in areas that we are already doing a significant amount to develop, as is identified in the full report. We will certainly be doing all we can to continue to build on these developments and I am confident that Bradfield will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Below is just a flavour of what the ISI had to say about Bradfield. Alternatively, you can read the full report.

  • “The pupils’ achievements and learning are excellent by the time they leave the College due to the wide-ranging opportunities provided for them by an excellent curriculum” (paragraph 2.1)
  • “The College is highly successful in developing the all-round ability of the pupils within its care and nurturing their natural talents. Teachers demonstrate enthusiasm for their particular disciplines and foster interest and subject understanding” (paragraph 3.2)
  • “Pupils reach excellent levels of achievement in the College’s extensive range of co-curricular activities. The broad and balanced curriculum is highly successful in providing a breadth and depth of experience beyond the classroom that inspires pupils to identify and develop their own interests” (paragraph 3.4)
  • “The personal development of pupils is excellent due to the outstanding support and care provided throughout the college community. This is especially marked in the excellent boarding provision and house system”(paragraph 2.2)
  • “Pupils display excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. They are mature, compassionate and self-aware young people, willing to give their time to serve the college and the wider community” (paragraph 2.2)
  • “The college is an inclusive, friendly and welcoming place as a result of the pupils’ excellent relationships with each other and with the staff” (paragraph 2.2)
  • “Pupils demonstrate excellent moral awareness. They display excellent standards of behaviour and have a clear understanding of right and wrong … Personal integrity and truthfulness are evident and pupils value justice. They display fairness on the games field. Throughout the inspection, pupils displayed excellent levels of respect for each other, the college staff and visitors” (paragraph 4.4)

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