A genuinely all-round education

At Bradfield College we do what we are best at – we provide an all-round education for your child. We cultivate their personal development, provide an excellent academic education, and prepare them for adult life by encouraging them to think for themselves.

In a fast changing world, the nature of education can never stand still. The Bradfield Diploma is an exciting scheme for Years 10 and 11, which embraces Bradfield’s core values and strengthens the existing bonds between the scholarly, practical and ethical strands of education at Bradfield.

Our extensive co-curricular programme further demonstrates the importance we place on a providing a well-rounded education that allows our pupils to identity and develop their own interests outside as well as inside the classroom.

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Faulkner’s – Our unique approach to your child’s first year

The importance of your child’s first year at a senior school cannot be overestimated. Moving up from the security of junior school or possibly encountering boarding or co-education for the first time are all significant challenges for young people.

In recognition of this, Faulkner’s is an innovative, purpose-built boarding house for the entire Year 9 intake, both girls and boys. It is here that we lay firm foundations for the future, so that the confidence of the girls and boys is enhanced as they establish their own identities within the freedom and space of a home environment.

An idyllic location in the Berkshire countryside

Set in the picturesque village of Bradfield, our beautiful campus looks out over rolling Berkshire countryside. Our idyllic and seemingly remote setting hides the fact that the College is located within an hour’s drive of London and 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

‘Greeker’ – Our very own Greek theatre

We are perhaps best known for our glorious open-air Greek theatre, affectionately known as ‘Greeker’. The first Greek play, Alcestis, was performed here in the original language in 1881. This tradition has continued to this day with a Greek play performed every three years. Restored in 2014, Greeker is at the centre of Performing Arts at Bradfield.

The Bradfield experience

The Bradfield experience delivers an outstanding academic education, but it goes beyond this.

It’s evenings spent with friends in a boarding house, singing a solo in Chapel, or closing a speech at Debating Society; it’s the fun of House Dinners or a netball tour to Barbados; it’s the challenge of an expedition to the High Atlas mountains, exhibiting your first sculpture, tasting the fruits of your labours at the Italian Food Club; it’s rehearsing for a play or scoring a century on Pit.

A myriad of distinctive and diverse opportunities to absorb and enjoy await every child during their time at Bradfield.

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