All pupils in the Lower School wear a prescribed uniform. In the Sixth Form, pupils are allowed some freedom of choice. Sixth Form boys must wear a suit of sober colour (navy blue, black, dark grey or pin stripe) and material with collar and tie. Girls have a choice of a number of jackets, trousers or skirts (see our Dress Regulations Policy). Modes of dress that reflect a specific religious or cultural identity are also accommodated for.


The correct uniform can be obtained from the College Shop.

Contact the College Shop
AddressThe College Shop
Bradfield College
Berkshire RG7 6AU
Telephone0118 964 4572
College shop opening times
Term timeMonday-Friday 10am-12noon, 12.45pm-3pm
Closed for lunch 12.00 noon-12.45pm

For all pupils, hair should be tidy and not cut or dressed in an extreme fashion, such as shaved strips or extreme dyes. Boys must be clean-shaven, and their hair must be cut above the collar line. No visible jewellery is allowed except for rings and a single pair of discreet earrings (girls) and a single engraved family signet ring (Sixth Form boys).

Casual dress

Casual dress may be worn in the afternoons after 5.30pm, when the main part of the school day has ended. Pupils may not attend Saturday lunch in casual dress, even if they are then going on weekend leave.

Casual dress can be worn after lunch on Saturdays and all day on Sundays, except where more formal dress is expected, such as when representing the school at away sports fixtures, attending parents’ meetings and performing in concerts.

For more information, see our Dress Regulations Policy.

Dress Regulations Policy