Day pupils are treated as fully integrated members of the boarding houses and take full part in College life often staying well into the evenings depending on their commitments.

Apart from closed weekends, all pupils are allowed home every weekend. They may leave school on a Saturday afternoon once they have fulfilled all of their school commitments (sport, drama, music, CCF etc.) and return to school either on Sunday evening or on Monday morning.

I was a day pupil in Faulkner's. The idea of boarding was scary at first but I found myself staying almost every other night because there was so much on from the minute pupils wake up right up until bedtime. When I joined the senior House I decided to become a full boarder to get the most out of my experience.

Current Upper Sixth Pupil

It is because of these flexible boarding arrangements at the weekend and the wealth of activities and events that happen outside of normal teaching hours, that many day pupils often become full boarders as they move through the school.

Occasional boarding arrangements are possible for day pupils, but only if accommodation is available.